What is a geek?

“He's a geek ”, “he wears geek glasses ”… are expressions that we hear regularly. But ultimately few of us know what a geek is!

A few years ago at the Oxford Museum of History of Science, an exhibition entitled “Geek is good! » ; this one wondered about the notion of geek: is he an asocial being or an icon of the 21st century?

The term geek has been known at least since the time of Shakespeare, developing in the 19th century to describe traveling circus performers. It took on its full importance in the 1950s with the development of computing and computer tools (according to the Oxford English Dictionary). A geek is above all a connoisseur, an enthusiast and not just an obsessive mathematician or computer scientist.

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Sometimes ridiculed, sometimes celebrated, the geek is also often behind the latest scientific developments; these are the questions that come to us when we see the photographic material of Lewis Caroll, the brilliant inventions of Leonardo da Vinci, the blackboard on which Einstein explained the theory of relativity… finally were they themselves geeks !

How to recognize a real geek?

A real geek is a person who is interested in new technologies, computers and is passionate about the connected world. He appreciates humor and laughter!

One of the external signs of the geek is his black rectangular glasses ; many choose Ray-Ban New Wayfarer or 5228 anti-blue light glasses . This accessory has become a mark of style and “fashion” for everyone.

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After all, aren't we all a bit of a geek right now? Aren't we all connected?