Online qualified opticians and glass manufacturers, we have specialized since 2008 in the sale of anti-fog micro-fibers , safety glasses, reading glasses, computer glasses and sunglasses all equipped with our multi-distance lenses. Varionet®.

varionet technology

The 3 distance lens

Varionet is above all an innovation. It all started in 2008 with this idea: Make vision comfortable and accessible for the over 40s. That's why we have developed an innovative low-budget lens for presbyopia that allows you to see clearly at 3 distances and effectively correct your near vision.
No more changing glasses for proximity work. One pair is enough with our "Varionet 3 distances®" lenses.

blue light blocking glass

Cool Blue + blue light blocking glasses for children and young adults without prescription are equipped with lenses that filter 100% of UV and short wavelengths of blue light up to 415 nm and on average 30% of wavelengths up to 455 nm, beginning of turquoise " good blue light ". It is for this reason that Varionet has developed a range of anti-blue light glasses for children and young adults protecting against the harmful effects of this blue light!

combine fashion, technology and protection at

What is Varionet? No. 1 in reading glasses and anti-blue light glasses in France since 2008. Specialized in eye protection glasses, computer glasses, anti-blue light reading glasses for presbyopes aged 40 and more , we offer our "new technology" lenses with corrections from +1.00 to +3.50. For 18-40 year olds, find our anti-blue light glasses equipped with our Cool Blue™ rest lenses .

Which lenses on Varionet glasses?

All the glasses sold on the site are fitted with Varionet lenses: decreasing lenses for presbyopia or anti-blue light lenses without correction. Resulting from research carried out by approved qualified opticians and French scientists, the innovative technology of Varionet lenses for presbyopes makes it possible to combine near vision and intermediate vision, unlike conventional single vision lenses distributed in pharmacies, stores and conventional optics.

For what uses?

Thanks to their wide and scalable vision zones, Varionet lenses offer comfort , precision and continuity at short and medium distances. These proximity lenses offer excellent vision comfort for office work, in front of the computer screen and sedentary activities requiring precision in both near and intermediate vision (example: DIY, sewing, painting, etc.). For even more comfort, these lenses are available with an anti-reflective anti-blue light treatment and in a solar version.

What brands and at what price?

We provide you with a large catalog of products made up of references from major brands: Ray-ban , Calvin Klein , Tom Ford , Police , Oxbow , Versace 19V69 , John Lennon … at unbeatable prices. Indeed we are on average two to three times cheaper than conventional opticians.

The most Varionet!

Simply choose your non-prescription proximity glasses in a few clicks. Enjoy quality customer service "satisfied or refunded" within 30 days which allows you to test the ordered pair at home and return it to us if it does not suit you. In this case you can either exchange your glasses or ask for a refund.