Sight is essential to our life, only unlike our skin, our eyes are not at risk of sunburn.

This lack of redness or heat signal often makes us forget the real dangers that ultraviolet rays represent for our eyes. Only it's not just the sun that can be dangerous for our eyes, there is also the harmful artificial blue light given off by digital screens: Telephone, computer, tablet, television... But then, how can we protect our eyes?


Sunglasses are mandatory and not just on days when the sun shines, they are needed all year round and everywhere.

Only, be careful, simple colored glasses are not enough. Good sunglasses must carry the "CE" mark and be at least category 3.

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Computer glasses

Today we spend 6 hours on average in front of screens, so it has become essential to protect your eyesight from the harmful effects of screens.

For this, MAVU opticians have developed a "Cool Blue" lens which filters on average 30% of harmful artificial blue light.

Thanks to this glass, no more red, itchy eyes, stiff and heavy neck or migraines at the end of the day.

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Computer glasses for presbyopia

If you are presbyopic, you can also equip yourself with a pair of computer glasses, which will allow you to regain near vision but also over an intermediate distance (Varionet lens technology mid-distance). You will also be protected from blue light from digital screens.

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