The proportion of seniors should experience a considerable increase by 2030 with longer lifespans and scientific innovations.
This will lead to a sharp increase in the number of people suffering from presbyopia in the world. Presbyopia is a vision disorder that appears between the ages of 45 and 50 and which causes blurred near vision, the “arms too short” syndrome.

An aging world population

Today most of the globe lives in a universe where scientific and technological innovations are constantly evolving. Such results make it easier to treat and prevent diseases, improve people's daily lives and therefore increase their life expectancy.

However, from the age of 45, human beings must face a natural phenomenon: presbyopia! A visual disorder that prevents you from seeing clearly up close. Don't worry, this can be corrected very easily by wearing quality equipment: reading glasses for presbyopia. These reading glasses are equipped with classic magnifying lenses, proximity lenses or progressive lenses.

Additional equipment for all presbyopes: Varionet proximity glass

The glass that we offer on allows presbyopes of all ages to regain clear vision over several distances (unlike classic magnifying glass). It is ideal for working in front of a computer but also for DIY, gardening, etc. This lens offers a pleasant depth of field.

Importance of regular equipment renewal

Mid-distance glasses help you on a daily basis and throughout the day, which is why they are often on you (in your shirt, your pocket, your purse/bag, etc.). If you do not store them carefully in their case then scratches can occur and therefore damage your glasses and your eyesight.
Likewise, your correction changes with your age, so it is important to renew your equipment at least once every two years.

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