The vision of the French does not seem to improve from year to year. Indeed, according to various studies, vision problems in the French are constantly increasing. Among the most common we note myopia (optical defect of the eye: it is longer than average), this disorder affects more and more people and earlier and earlier: 25% to 30% of 18 /24 years old . This phenomenon can be explained by the new lifestyles of young people: long studies, connected screens, video games, and/or by an unhealthy lifestyle .

6 screens on average per household

Six is ​​a key number because it represents the average number of screens per household in France, but also the average ( in hours ) of the time spent per day in front of the screens.
An alarming figure that has significant short-term consequences for the body:

- Muscle fatigue
- Itchy and red eyes
- Dry eye
- Sleep disorder
- Headaches and backaches

But also in the long term :

- Risk of depression, obesity and certain types of cancer;
- Risk of AMD , age-related macular degeneration which leads to loss of central vision, an irreversible phenomenon.

Good habits to fight vision problems

It is necessary to have a healthy lifestyle to protect the health of your eyes . It is also important to wear your optical equipment .
There are also " good daily habits ", which are easy to do when working long hours in front of a screen:

- Take a break ( 5 minutes every 30 minutes );
- Wear your optical equipment with anti-reflective treatment or if no vision problems, equip yourself with a pair of Cool Blue glasses, anti harmful artificial blue light ;
- Alternate screen and exterior;
- Turn off your screen(s) one hour before sleep.