A TV that adapts to the view

the tv adapts to your view

Samsung would have filed a patent several months ago for a television screen to adapt to the visual defects of users. Indeed, thanks to the eye tracking technology (which records eye movements) and facial recognition this new screen will be able to adapt to everyone's visual needs in order to correct and improve viewers' vision: a new experience for the ametropic.

A new generation screen signed Samsung

The screen that Samsung is being developed would make it possible to improve the visual comfort of individuals . Indeed, this new screen would have many sensors that can enlarge certain images, play with the brightness of the atmospheres, modify the size of the characters but also the speed of diffusion and the colors. The manufacturer also explains that these sensors would also be able to determine if the individual is too close to the screen or if the ambient light is annoying. Thanks to these observations, a personalized message could be displayed on the screen to recommend that the viewer consult an ophthalmologist in order to have suitable visual equipment.

A computer screen that adapts to the view

According to a report in the MIT Technology Review , the screens could adapt to the view and thus correct vision problems according to the user. Indeed, researchers have transformed prescriptions for eyeglasses into computer algorithms in order to create a clearer and more pleasant image for the individual. This technology could cause a real visual comfort for people with minor visual disturbances .

In the meantime, don't forget your "Cool Blue" glasses!