correct presbyopia

Presbyopia is a phenomenon of the aging of the eye quite normal that affects more than 7 out of 10 people over 45 years old . The ciliary muscles are relaxed and the lens no longer does its work of focusing; this causes the individual discomfort for near vision. It then becomes difficult to read, to work meticulously, to sew... In order to correct presbyopia and regain comfort of sight and a "normal" life, there are several solutions: Glasses ( reading, proximity or progressive ) but also contact lenses and laser surgery.

Fighting presbyopia from the age of 45

From the age of 45, signs of aging appear from wrinkles to white hair without forgetting presbyopia. In order to fight against the latter, there are different options according to the different expectations of the patients.

Presbyopic glasses

- reading glasses : There are classic magnifying glasses equipped with unifocal lenses that only allow close reading.
 Progressive glasses : The glasses are equipped with lenses having the different corrections of the patient to have a homogeneous vision on the whole of his environment.
 Proximity glasses : These allow you to regain clear vision at near and mid-distance, ideal for reading, watching TV and working on the computer.

 Blue-light blocking or solar proximity glasses for comfortable and easy near and mid-distance vision.

presbyopia contact lenses

- contact lenses : To correct presbyopia there are also contact lenses (disposable or not) which allow you to regain sharp and clear vision.

Laser surgery to regain clear near vision

 The laser operation : Depending on the degree of presbyopia, the patient's distance vision, eye and expectations, it is possible to undergo laser surgery to correct presbyopia. It is mandatory to consult a specialist before and to follow all of his advice before and after the intervention.