Rest glasses: For who and when?

rest glasses for whom? for when ?

Rest glasses are ideal for everyday use . To read, write, watch TV, play video games, work on the computer . Depending on your age, a correction is suitable for you. From 18 to 40 years old , if you do not have a vision problem, you will need a pair of computer glasses without correction. Equipped only with a filter Cool Blue », your glasses will protect you from the harmful artificial blue light given off by screens. If you have over 40 years old and that you are presbyopes, then you will find corrective glasses with diopters from +1 to +3.50. These will allow you to regain clear vision over several distances and will also protect you from the artificial blue light given off by the different screens.

Computer glasses from €34.90 on

The innovation of “Cool Blue” glass allows you to filter on average 30% of the artificial blue light released by screens : Computer, tablet, smartphone, television, etc. If you are often exposed to screens in your professional or personal life and you suffer from various ailments at the end of the day: Headache, back pain, red and itchy eyes and even loss of concentration, anti-fatigue glasses are made for you. On the Varionet online optical store, you will find a first price of glasses at €34.90 with free delivery and service satisfied or refunded within 30 days !

Nearby glasses for presbyopes at low prices on Varionet

The site, number 1 for online presbyopia, offers you revolutionary proximity lenses . Thanks to these, you will be able to work on a computer with visual comfort. With “multi-distance vision” technology, it will be more pleasant to wear them (unlike classic magnifying glasses). The site has frames from major brands like Versace , Guess , Tom Ford , Calvin Klein at reduced prices.