Glasses for water sports enthusiasts

swimming pool corrective glasses

The swimming goggles allow you to see underwater with your eyes open and therefore to swim more easily when your head is submerged. Today there are corrective swimming goggles for those who suffer from a visual impairment. These glasses then make it possible to regain visual comfort and clear vision even underwater .

Swimming goggles suitable for spectacle wearers

Today, there are swimming goggles for eyeglass wearers. To get a pair is very simple. In fact, it is possible to buy a pair of swimming pool goggles as easily as a pair of classic goggles, just go at his optician or to seek on the net an optician specialized in the field of sport . Rarer and less purchased by spectacle wearers, these are a little more expensive but ideal for practicing a water sport.

Corrective diving mask, to practice your passion in complete safety and comfort

There is also the diving mask in sight . It will allow you to see the seabed as clearly as with your glasses or lenses. For your diving mask there are two solutions;
1st option : The original lenses are simply replaced by corrective lenses.
2nd option : Glue the corrective lenses directly on the original lenses
Before choosing the solution it is better talk to an optical professional who will guide and guide you.
the price of such a mask is higher than a normal diving mask, however, it avoids wearing contact lenses, which can be risky, and allows you to find real visual comfort underwater .