In this article, you will find three good reasons to adopt CLIC Tube reading glasses . CLIC Tube reading glasses are glasses that attach and detach at the bridge using a magnet and connected at the temples by a cable, the "Tube", which can be extended as desired . This allows you to quickly put them on and take them off, while keeping them around your neck.

Without further ado, the three reasons to adopt them!

  • The practical side

Do you sometimes (or always) find yourself searching for your glasses for hours and hours? Are you looking for your glasses in all your drawers, on all your furniture and on all your tables? These CLIC Tube reading glasses spare you this torment: they can hang around your neck, where you can always find them. Thanks to CLIC technology, your glasses can be found in one click from your nose to your neck!

  • The comfortable side

The adjustable cable gives you the option of having a shorter and more discreet cord or of having a longer cable if you wish. No need to bring a cord!

  • The elegant side

CLIC Tube reading glasses are available with prescription or simply with blue light protection in many shapes and colors. You can find the pair that suits you on the Varionet website, your Clic Products France approved online optician!

Good reading !