Buying your glasses on the web allows you to take advantage of much lower prices than in a classic store. In addition to the lower price, it also allows you to take advantage of a vast catalog of frames that you may not necessarily find in stores. In addition, you can take advantage of innovations that are not or very little marketed in physics, such as the Varionet magnifying glass technology, which allows presbyopes to benefit from clear near and mid-distance vision with a wide field. of vision.

Too high prices at physical opticians

According to the president of the association UFC QUE CHOISIR Alain Bazot, optics in France is a "crazy business model". According to his own survey, there are too many opticians and the cost of running the shops rests very heavily on consumers' wallets...
€470 including tax is the average price of a pair of glasses for an individual with sight problems. An average price well above the European average, it is even the highest in Europe.

Thanks to the information on your pupillary distance, buy your glasses without fear

In order to restore purchasing power to consumers and to ensure transparency in the economy, the Hamon law was born, a law which aims to regulate the power between consumers and professionals. Its measures implement advances that concern the French in their daily lives.
To help the French to equip themselves cheaper with a pair of glasses and especially so that the whole population can benefit from such equipment, it is now compulsory for ophthalmologists to write on the prescription the difference pupil of the patient. Indeed, such a measure allows anyone with vision problems to place an order on the internet and therefore take advantage of advantageous prices and even (for online optical stores with social security approval such as Varionet) 'to be taken in hand
by social security and mutual insurance.

Varionet, your optician approved by social security who offers you advantageous prices

Varionet, one of the leaders in the presbyopia magnifying glasses market, offers its customers unbeatable prices even on branded frames. In addition to the innovation of Varionet lenses which allow you to find clear near and intermediate vision, you can now place an order and be reimbursed by your social security and mutual insurance. Thanks to our unbeatable prices, you can indulge yourself at a lower cost.