BFCM, everyone talks about it but what is it?

Black Friday or “black Friday” has become a day that has become essential for trade around the world, both in terms of sales volume and preparation for Christmas. Stores and websites offer considerable promotions on certain products. This date like “cyber Monday” are traditions that come to us from the Americas.

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving , a public holiday in the USA and Canada. This North American holiday is celebrated on the 4th Thursday of November .

The term "Black Friday" comes from Philadelphia, it was used to describe the monster traffic jams that cluttered the streets and sidewalks of the city the day after Thanksgiving in the 1960s. It has spread to all American and Canadian states circa 1975. It's not a holiday even though many consider it to be!

Cyber ​​Monday is the following Monday and is dedicated to online shopping as its name suggests!

Varionet and Black Friday

This year again, during the 4 days dedicated to BFCM, we will be offering you mind-blowing offers, ideal promotions to make beautiful Christmas gifts, for a birthday or simply to have fun: Anti-blue light glasses, sunglasses, presbyopia glasses to read, box of eye protection glasses will be available at low prices!

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