With the many screens around us, children from an early age are exposed to harmful artificial blue light.

Indeed, whether in front of grandparents' TV, with mom's phone, big brother's tablet, new children's distractions are very harmful to their eyes and body.

Children and screens

According to a Canadian pediatric study:

  • Children under 2 should not be exposed to screens
  • Children between 2 and 4 years old should be limited to less than an hour a day
  • For older children a maximum of two hours a day.

However, in the times we live in, screens are everywhere.

In order to protect the health of children, it is important to take a few precautions and impose certain rules:

  • Choose creative content (educational screen game for example)
  • Use screens with the child for parent-child interaction
  • Plan moments with a screen (some homework, games, etc.)
  • Create screen-free zones in the house, kitchen, children's room for example
  • Encourage young people to go out, run, play outside, play sports...
  • Be a role model for the child: parents and other people living in the house must themselves use screens in a moderate way

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Screens: Enemy No. 1 of adolescent sleep

Almost 50% spend more than an hour surfing the networks, playing games or exchanging text messages after 8:00 p.m.

The strong luminosity emitted by digital devices stimulates their retinas and delays their falling asleep.

The consequences of this disruption of the biological clock are numerous and it begins with the fatigue of the child as soon as he wakes up but also the loss of concentration during the day, stress and sometimes even obesity in the most serious cases. .

That's why prevention is important, a simple rule to protect them = LIMIT digital devices after dinner and for the rest of the day protect their eyes with Cool Blue ™ computer glasses, anti-blue light glasses filtering 100% of UV and toxic blue light .