Learn how to choose the ideal glasses

Computer glasses or reading glasses give you allure and style when they are adapted to your morphology. Indeed, not all types of glasses are suitable for everyone. That's why we give you some tips on the color and shape of the computer glasses to choose according to your physical characteristics:

Your glasses according to the color of your eyes:

- Brown eyes : glasses in black, white, purple, green, blue, gold and garnet are perfect.

- Honey eyes : To highlight your eye color, choose a frame in white, black, green, dark brown, blue or gold.

- Green eyes : Go for bold colors such as red, orange, yellow, purple, white, brown and black.

- Blue eyes : blue eyes are favored by gray, black, silver, white, pink, lilac and purple.

rounded computer glasses for green eyes, fair skin and oval face

Your glasses according to the color of your skin:

- Fair skin : glasses in dark colors like black, brown, purple, green, blue and copper will be flattering.

- Matte skin : beautiful eyeglasses with bright colors like red, orange, white, royal blue, lilac and pink will brighten up your face and look great.

- Dark skin : the ideal is to choose colors that give light such as silver, gold, copper, white, beige and pink or scales mixing its hues.

Your glasses according to the shape of your face

- Square face : oval and round computer glasses will be perfect.

- Round face : you will look great with beautiful rectangular or slightly fluttering glasses.

- Oval face : you have the perfect face! You are lucky enough to be able to wear any shape of glasses: round, angular or rectangular.

- Heart face : the most suitable glasses are oval and rectangular.

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