Semi-rimmed glasses or Nylor glasses, what are they?

Half-rimmed glasses are frames whose rim does not entirely surround the glass, it is held by a robust nylon thread either on the top of the frame or more generally on the bottom of it.

semi-rimmed titanium bezel

We can say that these are hybrid frames since they combine the minimalist design of rimmed glasses and the style of rimmed glasses. These semi-rimless glasses are available in metal, titanium or acetate and in different shapes and sizes.

nike semi-rimless glasses

Why choose semi-rimless glasses?

Classic or super trendy and light, they adopt a timeless style. Are you looking for a discreet but more stylish frame than rimmed glasses? They remain the ideal solution. Do you change your style regularly? Without changing your glasses, opt for the nylon thread frame trend. These are easy to wear models.

Some points for adopting semi-rimmed glasses:

  • for the look: fully rimmed glasses can be more classic and more visible. Nylon wire glasses give a serious appearance and are very fashionable. 
  • weight: perfect for people sensitive to the weight of fully rimmed glasses on the face, nylor models are lighter and always equipped with polycarbonate lenses for greater strength or other organic material.
  • comfort: for new glasses wearers, young presbyopes, they are ideal because they are robust and light. They do not mark the face too much and can lighten certain features.

Find our semi-rimless computer glasses:

titanium nylor glasses

From gold to purple, from titanium to acetate, from round to pilot, we offer you a wide choice of frames at different prices to help you find the pair of glasses with nylon wire that suit you best. For 18-40 year olds opt for semi-rimmed anti-blue light glasses and after 45 years old semi-rimmed presbyopia glasses equipped with decreasing depth of field lenses. As all our lenses are made of polycarbonate, your semi-rimless glasses will remain light and strong.

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