Augmented reality glasses: when the virtual becomes reality

After the unexpected success of connected glasses in the workplace, augmented reality masks or glasses should do well in education . Indeed, what could be more educational than bringing students back to life through key periods in history? through an augmented reality mask? They are already used advantageously in certain monuments to visualize their past, in the world of the automobile... so why not in education? A brand new, more attractive and less boring teaching method that should appeal to students but is not yet unanimous.
An American company is currently in the midst of a campaign to crowdfunding , crowdfunding , to develop your project: a augmented reality education .

The positive sides of the augmented reality project in education

Propose the use of augmented reality goggles to students during educational projects could be a source of motivation and involvement for young people. Such an innovation could improve the success rate of students in the baccalaureate and in higher education. In effect, more attractive and intuitive , studying with a mask could meet with great success . However, technical and cost issues arise and black spots appear very quickly.

The technical and cost problems of augmented reality masks

For now, augmented reality masks are not adapted to the educational system. Indeed it would have an enormous cost not only to equip the classes and to train the teachers. These technologies are still at an embryonic stage and we have no perspective on their positive or negative impact in education.