Connected presbyopia

Today screens are an integral part of our lives. There are 15 million French people working on screen and 15% of working people spending more than 20 hours a week in front of . For presbyopic people aged 45 and over , visual fatigue due to digital screens is amplified , focusing the eyes is difficult and very uncomfortable. In order to contribute to the visual well-being of presbyopes who spend long hours in front of screens, Varionet has developed a very effective "Cool Blue" anti-reflective treatment which filters out an average of 35% of harmful artificial blue light.

Seniors and screens

According to a Cinepal study, seniors prefer the use of touch screens (tablet, smartphone) to the use of computers (65% of seniors have a smartphone or a tablet). 71% of seniors who own a tablet or a smartphone consider that it is much more practical and simpler for them to use.

Among senior cardholders, 56% browse the web in search of information (about news, booking a table at a restaurant, good deals, etc.) and 52% use it only to correspond with relatives (children/grandchildren on the other side of the world, on vacation, etc.).

Rising figures that have prompted Varionet opticians to offer equipment adapted to connected presbyopes!


Varionet offers computer glasses for presbyopia

Varionet offers revolutionary glasses for presbyopes available in 6 diopters on its optical shop! These make it possible to regain clear vision over several distances (technology derived from progressive lenses), ideal for the various activities of life. This technology does not stop there, you can also choose a very powerful anti-reflective option which filters the harmful artificial blue light given off by the screens! A real protection that will allow presbyopia to find in addition to a clear vision, a visual comfort in front of the screens!