Safety glasses? Why?

What are prescription safety glasses?

Safety glasses or goggles are specific glasses of personal protective equipment (PPE). Like simple sunglasses, they are used not only to protect the eyes and their surroundings during various activities, but also to prevent certain risks related to sight. They offer protection against the risks of projection of solid, liquid or chemical particles, glare, blindness, loss of visibility, UV radiation, etc.

Safety glasses can be compared to a shield to protect the eyes from any type of foreign debris that could cause irritation or injury.

Safety glasses for whom?

Safety glasses can be used by anyone at home or at work . Depending on the needs and requirements of their user, safety glasses can be equipped with different lenses: white, tinted, anti-fog, mid-distance, progressive, polarized for men or for women!

All safety glasses protect the eyes from hazards. Such dangers can arise from:

  • Theft of solid debris
  • Chemical splash
  • Impact from moving machinery
  • Wood dust, iron filings during DIY
  • Intense heat, sparks or lights while welding and cutting metal etc.

Safety eyewear frames are usually made of nylon or polycarbonate for strength, lightness, and transparency . They often have side shields or shields to protect the eyes from flying materials entering from the sides. Presight safety glasses preserve your appendages and allow you to do a perfect job with clear and comfortable vision.

There is no substitute for an eye, which is why it is important to protect the eyes by using eye protection at work and in all situations where there are potential threats to the eyes.