Pixium Vision, the Iris project comes to fruition

A young French company, Pixium Vision has been bringing new perspectives to the visually impaired or blind for several years; indeed it will be able to help more than 4 million people through the Iris project. This consists of restoring part of the visual functions of the blind. in order to restore their sight. State-of-the-art technology that would allow blind patients to return to a "normal" life.

A great step forward for optics

With the project of making the view thanks to simple implants , the French company is revolutionizing the world of optics and brings real hope to these many patients with blindness. Pixium Vision has announced European approval for its artificial retina. Once this standard was validated by the European Union, the marketing of Iris quickly began. This new project has 3 times more electrodes than the first version, which would provide patients with vision as close to normal as possible. This week Pixium Vision successfully implanted and activated its Iris II bionic eye in a Spanish patient.

The new project of the French company Pixium Vision

The company does not stop there and is currently working on other projects in parallel such as Prima . This consists of the creation of a sub-retinal implant which would improve the sight of individuals suffering from age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Pixium Vision is also looking for solutions for patients with retinopathy pigmentosa.

Let's not forget that, whatever our age, it is important to protect ourselves from AMD, one of the causes of this visual disease: harmful artificial blue light given off by screens. So when you are in front of your computer, television, smartphone or even your tablet adopt the right gesture, wear a pair of sunglasses with a “Cool Blue” treatment.