Presbyopia in a nutshell

Presbyopia is a normal phenomenon linked to the aging of the eye and which generally appears around the age of 40, increases until the age of 60-65 and finally stabilizes; it affects approximately 40% of the population, i.e. 22 to 24 million people. (You are not alone!)

What are the signs of presbyopia?

These signs are numerous and begin to appear without even realizing it.
One of the first symptoms will be asthenopia or more commonly all the manifestations linked to the fatigue of the ciliary and oculo-motor muscles ; you feel a feeling of fatigue such as eye discomfort , tingling, headaches, fixing your attention becomes more and more difficult.

All these genes are all the more important when there is little light, we seek the best lighting and often, we have the impression that presbyopia appears with autumn (decrease in clarity).

And the most characteristic sign of presbyopia is pulling a document away to read it , the symptom of “arms that are too short”.
Putting on make-up, sewing, handicrafts, reading, all activities requiring near vision are becoming more and more difficult, if not impossible .

How presbyopia works

Presbyopia is due to the natural decrease with age of the ability to accommodate the lens when reading.
To see up close, the crystalline lens, a transparent lens inside the eye, bulges rapidly under the action of the ciliary muscles, thus increasing its power of refraction, to form a clear image regardless of the distance on the retina: this is accommodation.
This accommodation is therefore a very rapid movement of the lens and can be compared to the focusing of autofocus cameras.

Correction of presbyopia with Varionet glasses

Presbyopia is measured in diopters from 0.25 to 0.25 from +0.75 to +3.50
It is determined according to your working distance; indeed the correction will not be the same if you need clear vision at 30 cm or 40 cm.

The correction of presbyopia evolves approximately every 2-3 years; you will then have to take the opportunity to consult an ophthalmologist who will not only check your visual needs but also can detect any other visual condition. Find the correspondence table by taking our presbyopia test online!

Thanks to Varionet lens technology, you will be able to find clear vision up close but also at an intermediate distance, unlike the single vision "magnifying" lenses found in pharmacies/parapharmacies.

These so-called proximity lenses (also commonly called mid-distance lenses, depth-of-field lenses) offer excellent vision comfort for office work, in front of the computer screen and sedentary activities requiring near vision precision such as in intermediate vision.

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