Wear computer glasses to relieve visual fatigue

On average, the French spend 7 hours a day in front of screens: computer, TV, smartphone, tablet, e-reader and many of them feel visual fatigue at the end of the day. In the most serious cases, you can suffer from a strong migraine and lose all concentration at the end of the day. In order to overcome this problem, the MAVU opticians have developed a glass that filters around 30% of the harmful artificial blue light given off by the screens, the “Cool Blue” glass.

computer glasses

Anti-blue light lens: Cool Blue™

The Cool Blue™ glass offered by Varionet reduces the discomfort caused by artificial blue light during prolonged screen work. It also helps in the long term to fight against AMD (age-related macular degeneration) a visual disease that causes loss of central vision. Indeed, the technology of our lens makes it possible to "block" 30% of this toxic part of blue light.

At home, at work or during your leisure time, Cool Blue™ anti-blue light rest glasses provide you with better visual comfort while reducing eye fatigue and its side effects which can be very annoying.
These glasses are intended for people aged 18 to 40 with no specific visual defect (myopia, astigmatism, etc.); they are also called anti-fatigue glasses, resting glasses, protective glasses, comfort glasses or computer glasses.

Our glasses guarantee a real relief in order to be able to work more pleasantly on the screens. The pain and the various disorders caused by the blue light of those will definitely belong to the past thanks to the Cool Blue ™ glass.

“Cool Blue” computer glasses, for whom?

Computer glasses are ideal for students who spend many hours in front of screens but also very useful for those who work on a computer all day and even for those who enjoy gaming or watching television on the weekends!