The famous Ray-Ban brand was created by Bausch & Lomb, an American company.

The first model of RB, "Aviator" was requested by John A. Macready, American Lieutenant. Indeed, he asked Bausch & Lomb opticians to manufacture a pair of "panoramic and enveloping protective" sunglasses with ultraviolet and infrared filtering glass in order to regain optimal comfort when exposed to the sun.

US Air Force ordered this model in 1933 for its fighter pilots, marketing to the general public will take place 3 years later, in 1936.

Rayban Aviator, 1980s hit

The sale of the Aviator model took off in the 1980s thanks to the international pop star, Michael Jackson who was a big fan of this model and who did not hesitate to wear it every time he went out in public.

Today more than 80 years after the launch of the Aviator model, it still remains one of the best-selling solar and optical models among young and old. A great success for Ray-Ban.

michael jackson aviator glasses

Wayfarer, a model popular with Hollywood actors

Ray-ban did not stop at one model, a few years later the brand offered the Wayfarer model.

Indeed it appeared on the market in 1952 and immediately seduced Hollywood actors and actresses as well as many rockers!

Thanks to its timeless shape, the quality of its materials (frame, lenses) and its relatively reasonable price, Ray-Ban has established itself as THE best seller of sunglasses and this model is surely Ray-Ban's best-selling model, again. today, in 2016.

rayban blues brothers