Today to improve one's daily life and properly protect one's sight and eyes, one would need between 3 and 5 pairs of glasses.
Indeed, your vision is constantly attacked:

  • in front of digital screens (with harmful artificial blue light)
  • when you play sports indoors or outdoors (sunlight, flying insects, chlorine, etc.)
  • when you are on a walk (pollen, dust...)
  • when you tinker on Sunday at home (dust, splinters of wood...)

Improving your vision is improving your life

We could summarize this article by: “Sight is life”. Without sight, a primordial element of the 5 senses, the human being is distraught, handicapped. So to protect it and keep it as long as possible it is necessary to opt for equipment adapted to each professional or personal activity.

Computer glasses

Computer glasses but what are they for? This type of glasses that we offer on allows, thanks to a "Cool Blue" filter against harmful blue light, to protect your eyes from the strong light given off by digital screens and to avoid various ailments:

  • Headache, stiff neck,
  • itchy eyes,
  • back pain
  • loss of concentration.

Long-term studies prove that this exposure would increase the risk of AMD, age-related macular degeneration, irreversible visual disease.

Sports glasses

What are sports glasses? Swimming goggles, diving goggles, ski goggles, special racing goggles… are sports goggles.
A large number of sports require suitable equipment to preserve vision and provide comfort. Do not hesitate to choose curved, well-covered and polarized sunglasses or white protective glasses without correction to protect you from wind and pollen.


How to choose my sunglasses ? You can choose your sunglasses according to the color of the lenses: Grey, grey-green, brown (gradient or not) as well as their intensity of protection.

In order to be protected as well as possible, we recommend a category 3 or 4. You can visit our collection of sunglasses , all our glasses are category 3.

DIY glasses

Wearing DIY glasses when you are presbyopic is possible! Varionet offers you a range that has been successful for several years, Varionet Safety .

This model is available for presbyopia after 40 years, from +1.00 to +3.50 diopter! Thoroughness, visual comfort and safety are our 3 watchwords!

And for all other do-it-yourselfers or various professionals (construction, garage, security, etc.), safety glasses without anti-fog correction are available at low prices.

Glasses without anti-reflective correction "mode only"

The glasses are very fashionable, for an evening or for a job interview do not hesitate to wear a model without correction ! It won't damage your eyesight and will give you a bit of a “smart” look.