Proximity glasses, additional equipment for wearers of progressives

Proximity glasses come from a new lens technology that allows you to regain clear vision over several distances:

  • Up close, ideal for reading.
  • Semi-intermediate, to work in front of the computer (perfect view of the screen and the keyboard)
  • Intermediate, you can keep the pair of glasses on your nose to talk to your interlocutor (up to 3m).

A revolution that allows progressive wearers to equip themselves with brand new “auxiliary” equipment for working in front of screens.

In fact, progressive glasses are not the preferred equipment for working in front of a computer. Opting for a pair of proximity glasses means opting for additional comfort.

Presbyopia looking for visual comfort in front of screens

“Many new presbyopes who have had no visual problems up to now hesitate to wear progressives, only feeling a need for near and intermediate vision. For them, rather than choosing standard near vision lenses, it is much more profitable to 'enter' the correction through these lenses specially designed for work on screen in an office”, underlines Frédérique Laville- Leroy, Marketing Director of Essilor France.

Indeed, 56% of presbyopes use a computer and glasses that are not necessarily suitable for near vision. 75% of them experience visual fatigue after a day in front of the computer.

Proximity lenses are therefore preferred for people with presbyopia who spend many hours in front of a screen.

The Varionet mid-distance lens

The mid-distance Varionet lens will bring you comfort and protection in front of the screens: Computer, tablet, telephone, e-reader, television.

MAVU opticians have developed a "Cool Blue" treatment which, via a filter, reduces the harmful effects of screens on the body: Headaches, dry, red and itchy eyes, neck pain, loss of concentration at the end of the day …

Varionet digressive or mid-distance lenses are also available in a gray photochromic version with high-performance multi-layer anti-reflective coating: a single pair of glasses for indoors and outdoors.

To try them is to adopt them; discover our collection of glasses with mid-distance lenses !