Why wear protective glasses?

To protect your vision and your eyes effectively, it is best to wear protective glasses for your eyesight or without correction . Whether it's working, tinkering, gardening, painting... each year a large number of people suffer from eye injuries and fill the emergency services. These injuries are more or less serious, they can range from simple conjunctivitis to eye trauma leading to loss of visual acuity or even blindness.

protective eyewear and construction work

In the workplace, prescription safety glasses are essential , especially in the construction industry, carpenters, masons, outdoor work, pruners, road safety, petrochemicals... Protective glasses prevent nearly 90% of eye injuries . Your eyes and your sight being important, we offer you eye protection glasses adapted to everyone's needs .

What is the difference between goggles and my usual prescription glasses?

Safety glasses, even for sight , must meet many requirements and standards : a battery of tests are carried out by approved specialized laboratories on the frame, on the lenses and then on the whole, in Europe one of the standards is EN166FT. The protective glasses must be covering and very resistant to shocks in order to protect your eyes from splashes of liquid, large particles of dust, tree leaves, projectiles... The material mainly used is an optical polycarbonate . It is the strongest, most impact-resistant and lightest material. In addition, the polycarbonate blocks UVB and UVA radiation, perfect for outdoor uses. A "hardened" surface treatment is systematically added to these polycarbonate lenses so that the glasses are less easily scratched; in some cases anti-fog goggles may be required.

Whether you are an employee, an entrepreneur or a "Sunday handyman", don't forget that your eyes and sight are precious. Investing in a pair of prescription-compliant protective glasses or not is profitable , you will be advantageously protected and more efficient in your activities and you will no longer damage your daily glasses...