When glasses become the last ally, before no longer being used to see but to hide us.

Become blind.

Who could protect us from such a fate?
Is it always fate or bad luck?
Can genetics or the cultural and environmental environment be triggering or aggravating factors?

Who is safe?

How to live this future which is announced from 50, 60 or 80 years old when it is not younger.

How to postpone the fateful moment? How to adapt? How to give up and prepare to live differently. How to decide the threshold where you will no longer have to drive.

How to get support and by whom?

AMD, keratoconus or other accident of life, the loss of sight engages like any test towards other worlds of anger or interiority. Towards another life to build and assume. A life we ​​are not ready for.
For all those who are not concerned and do not believe they will ever encounter this path, how can they be sure to avoid it?

The subject is serious enough not to give a miracle solution but to leave everyone to their own reflection, on the importance and the chance that we have to see, to see again.

Let's each think about keeping this capital intact for as long as possible for ourselves and our loved ones and take all the precautions we can.