There is the sky, the sun and my eyes .

Lying on the sand, the sun in my eyes, slathered in total screen, I take advantage of the summer that is coming back.

Did I forget anything? Nope !

Television commercials insist only on the fact of protecting the skin well. I bought all the necessary creams: before, during, after, to renew. It's simple I robbed the pharmacist and the shopping center near the house.

From the earlobe to the toe, I spread myself. Yet eyes squinted , I have the intuition of a huge oblivion.

And for my eyes what to do? Sand, sun and creams irritate him.

Sunglasses, an essential accessory for a protected summer!

Especially when added to this powerful sun, the reverberations of the sea.
Sunglasses ? I had forgotten !

These cheap holidays by the sea where just a bathing suit is enough, these holidays expected throughout the year, nevertheless require some precautions to preserve our sight capital.

So get your sunglasses , with real filter lenses. And your eyes will have a wonderful summer with you.