No more dark circles

The appearance of dark circles and bags under the eyes appears during a poor blood circulation and dysregulation of lymphatic tissues. It is important to note that the epidermis under the eyes is up to 4 times thinner than on the rest of the body , a very thin skin that is often attacked and marked.
There are two types of dark circles, brown; linked to a natural overproduction of melanin. The eye contour is darker, in shades ranging from golden to brown. Hereditary, these dark circles are more common in Mediterranean skin.
And those more bluish; they are linked to poor blood circulation often induced by fatigue.

Christmas gift ideas: why not glasses?

The Christmas holidays are fast approaching. You have no inspiration, no gift ideas for your loved ones? Varionet helps you find the perfect gift for your family.

An original customizable Christmas gift for each of your loved ones

Summer is here: how to protect your eyes from the sun?

Sight is, among our 5 senses , the one we use the most. But how do you protect your eyesight in summer with the intensity of the sun? Our eyes are fragile and need to be taken care of.

What are the risks of the sun for your eyes?

On the front of the eye is the cornea, it protects the eyes from UV from the sun .

Tirer un feu d'artifice... tout en sécurité

Shoot a firework... safely

Do you want to take part in the July 14 festivities by setting off fireworks or firecrackers? Don't overlook a few easy-to-apply security measures .

Indeed each year at this time, several explosion victims are received at the ophthalmological emergency room for ocular lesions which may be superficial but very painful. The most serious lesions can even create intraocular hemorrhages or severe contusion of the eyeball.

So what precautions should you take before setting off your own fireworks?

  • Make sure that the fireworks purchased bear the CE mark.
  • Make sure you have a clear space of at least 50m in diameter around the shooting area.
  • Plant the rockets well in the ground, do not put them in bottles .
  • Check that there are no electrical obstacles in the path of the projectiles.
  • Install your spectators at a sufficient safety distance.
  • Do not lean over explosives when firing and wearprotective eyewear .
  • If one of them does not work, do not try to turn it back on. Sprinkle it with water.
  • Never let children do the firing .

The Varionet team wishes you happy and safe summer festivities!

July 14, 2017

Visual protection at home

The good weather is back and we are taking advantage of the weekends in May to garden, clear brush, do some DIY…

Many traumas, shocks or eye injuries are counted each year and about 50% of them occur at home.

Be safe also at home:

For most of us, safety glasses or goggles rhyme with professional environment

Protect your eyes in the mountains

In the mountains, in winter, whether you are skiing or snowshoeing, sun protection is essential for the skin, but also for the eyes .

Effects of altitude on vision

In elevation , the reverberation increases the luminosity , which generates a significant discomfort (glare).
A cloudy sky absorbs the brightness but allows 90% of UV to pass through . As for your skin, these harmful rays can cause real "sunburn" (ophthalmia of the eyes*), but also affect the cornea (cataract) and the retina (AMD).

In fact, UV rays are less filtered by the atmosphere: the higher the altitude, the greater the amount of UV . In addition, the sun is reflected on the snow, a very reflective surface, because it reflects 80 to 95% of UV rays (while in comparison, sand only reflects 20%).

Glasses in the mountains

The choice of your glasses in the mountains:
 A curved frame , covering but ventilated (to avoid fogging).
 A lens with good optical qualities (no deformation), impact resistant, category 3 or 4 (so as not to be dazzled). There are photochromic lenses, which allow you to go from category 3 to 4, or 2 to 4. The lenses can be treated anti-reflection on the inside to eliminate dazzling reflections. Finally, one can consider the use of polarizing lenses .
– The color of the glass provides a visual effect:
Grey: for all weather
Yellow-orange: for days with dazzling sunshine
Brown: for cloudy days (increases contrast and provides better perception of relief and depth of field)
The color of the glass is not a guarantee of protection: only 100% UV protection guarantees optimal protection .

Watch out for children!

As for their skin, finer and more fragile, you have the total screen reflex, do not skip wearing glasses or a mask.

Oakley opens its first store in Milan

Oakley store Milano

The first Oakley store in Italy opened in Piazzale Cadorna, Milan . It is a mono-brand store , very high-tech and highlighting Oakley 's offer, from glasses to clothing , including more technological items, such as " Radar Pace ", smart glasses equipped with headphones, sensors and microphones. These have the particularity of coaching you in real time , thanks to its sensors and the integrated microphone.

Protect your eyes with polarized lenses

the polarizing lens is the ideal sun protection for the eyes, both in an urban context and in beach or mountain environments.

Cool Blue anti-blue light glasses for watching EURO 2016!

EURO 2016 started on June 10, 2016, last Friday! You must have watched the first games with your friends or family. Did you notice that your eyes were dry, red and irritated after the 90 minutes of the game? This is a visual discomfort caused by the harmful artificial blue light given off by digital screens ( including television ). Through this article we are going to give you some advice to be able to take full advantage of EURO 2016 without tiring your eyes!

Sun and prevention

Ultraviolet radiation is the guarantee of our morale and the quality of our tan. The UV necessary in small doses, for our joy of living, our energy as much as for the synthesis of vitamin D , can become harmful to greater or lesser degrees: from simple sunburn in the eyes to the appearance of a cataract. The sunburn is fast. We have all experienced it when taking the path that leads us to the market on a summer Saturday, sitting on the terrace of a café or taking our children for a walk in the park. We didn't really expose ourselves, yet the sunburn was already on our bare shoulders, our neck, our legs and also on our eyes, which we often forget .


Unlike infrared rays whose effects are immediate: heat, burns, etc. Those of ultraviolet rays are expressed late. Eyelid, retina, cornea, lens may suffer from prolonged exposure. In order to protect your vision , which is part of your five senses, we advise you all to wear sunglasses adapted to your activity : running, fishing, hiking, tanning …

There is the sky, the sun and my eyes.


There is the sky, the sun and my eyes .

Lying on the sand, the sun in my eyes, slathered in total screen, I take advantage of the summer that is coming back.

Did I forget anything? Nope !