The heatwave explained by Varionet

What is the heatwave?

A heat wave is defined as a level of very high heat during the day and night for at least three consecutive days . The definition of a heat wave is therefore based on two parameters: heat and duration.

What are the risks associated with the heat wave?

If you are exposed to high heat for too long you risk severe fatigue , dehydration or heat stroke , see hyperthermia .

The most fragile people and those most exposed to heat are particularly at risk .

Vuarnet and sunglasses: a long story!

The famous brand of glasses Vuarnet was not born from the last rain! She has a long and beautiful story behind her and it is far from over. Vuarnet was created in the 1950s under the impetus of its creator Roger Pouilloux .

Can returning to work cause eyestrain?

Work, re-entry and eyestrain

The month of September is here, synonymous with back to school and this is a sign that the holidays are beautiful and well over! Summer is coming to an end and autumn is on its way. We have to adapt to the days that are getting shorter and it is common for eyestrain to appear. No more idleness, little naps, the daily routine is back with the long hours spent in front of digital devices and paperwork.

Order your solar reading glasses from home!

Why order your solar reading glasses on the internet?

More than 3/4 of Internet users make purchases online: books, clothes, shoes, gifts, weekly provisions... So why not buy your glasses to read in the sun!

What are the advantages of buying on the Internet?

In general, buying on the Internet has various significant advantages:

  • time saving
  • energy gain
  • more thinking time
  • exceptional offers

The Varionet advantages:

  • delivery at home or in a parcel relay near you
  • a large selection of designer glasses at low prices
  • decreasing lens technology with a category 3 G15 tint for presbyopias from 1 to 3.50
  • a French innovation
  • dive and secure online payments: paypal, amazon payment, applepay, CB, check or transfer
  • opticians at your disposal at

How to buy your reading glasses on Varionet

Nothing could be simpler: start by choosing the pair of glasses of your dreams then select your correction; you are not sure about it, take our online presbyopia test!

Then check the option " Sunglasses Grey/Green G15 - Cat. 3 10.00€"

All you have to do is validate your basket, save your details and then pay. Sun reading glasses require a visit to our assembly workshop, the delivery time can vary from 2 to 4 days.

Now it's up to you to take full advantage of the sun...

Summer vacation: don't forget your reading glasses

To disconnect well with a good book in the sun and beautiful solar reading glasses?

glasses for reading in the sun

Summer is well established and for August vacationers, reading sunglasses are the essential accessory not to forget in your suitcase! Indeed nothing is more relaxing than reading a good book, a magazine in the sun on a beautiful summer day. Only with reverberation and glare can reading be complicated. This is all the more true if you are by the sea, near a swimming pool...

Without a doubt, nothing is more convenient than glasses of sun to read for anyone who suffers from presbyopia and wants to enjoy a good book outdoors. The ideal way to disconnect and relax after a long year.

Reading and protection for presbyopia

The solar reading glasses offer you clear vision from 30 cm to more than 1 m thanks to their Varionet digressive lenses and will protect you from glare with their category 3 G15 tint. In addition, you will be protected from UV rays which, after long exposure, may be harmful to your eyes and eyelids.

Arrow sunglasses for reading

You can also opt for reading glasses equipped with polarized solar clips such as Polar or Oxbow glasses.

It is undoubtedly a good way to complete your summer look!

Ray-Ban, the must-have summer sunglasses

The history of the famous Ray-Ban glasses

The brand Ray Ban was created in 1937 by a German eyewear manufacturer Bausch & Lomb.

Its origin is due to the renowned American pilot lieutenant John Macready who asked his optician to manufacture a pair of “panoramic and enveloping protective” sunglasses with glass filtering ultraviolet and infrared rays in order to regain optimal comfort when exposed to the sun .