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Eye protection glasses for healthcare professionals

Health professionals are in almost permanent contact with sick people suffering from various pathologies and thus become the population most exposed to viruses, bacteria, etc.

Use your breathing mask properly

Find some tips for wearing your washable and reusable mask.
  • hand hygiene, do not touch your face
  • fit the mask well on the face at the level of the nose and chin
  • wear the mask for 4 hours max; renew it as soon as it is damp, unpleasant to wear
  • remove it by the rubber bands, avoiding touching it
  • put it in a suitable container while waiting to wash it at 60°
  • possibility of disinfection with a UVC sterilizer

The wearing of mandatory respiratory masks

Wearing a mask becomes compulsory in France
On Thursday, July 16, 2020, our Prime Minister Jean Castex confirms Emmanuel Macron's previous announcement requiring the wearing of a mask in all closed public establishments. Nevertheless, this obligation initially scheduled for August 1, 2020, was brought forward to Monday July 20 due to a general relaxation of the population of barrier measures following weak signs of resumption of the epidemic.

Why choose a Varionet fabric mask

Wearing a mask

For a few weeks all over the world following the coronavirus epidemic, the wearing of barrier mask is almost mandatory . In many countries, "unmasked" residents are fined, even in France in public transport, public establishments. In some municipalities, the mayors have published municipal decrees requiring masks in the various shops under penalty of a fine not only for the wearer but also for the shopkeeper.