Long live your glasses!

All wearers know this well; spectacle lenses get dirty regardless of their material! Reading glasses, computer glasses, sunglasses or goggles are subject every day to dust, pollution, dirt and their lenses, even if they are hardened, are not 100% resistant to micro-scratches and scratches. ..

5 tips and tricks to relieve tired eyes

Tired eyes, what is it?
Many people complain of eye fatigue, of having heavy, tired eyes. Several reasons could be the cause: lack of sleep, allergies or too much blue light . So we can look dejected and have swollen eyes, which shoot, which scratch like the feeling of the presence of sand in the eye!
One of the best remedies to soothe your eyes is a good night's sleep and, why not, a little nap! 

Leisure, work and safety glasses

Since the 2000s, the safety glasses have evolved and become accessible to all. For many years the only solutions were to wear cumbersome over-glasses, to damage your glasses or to tinker with the naked eye without protection! Whether you need a correction or not, safety glasses are more and more adapted to the needs of each activity and each one.

What do the markings on my goggles mean?

All the safety glasses sold by Varionet respond to different personal protection safety standards: prescription safety glasses, vision protection glasses for presbyopia or non-corrective protection glasses.

EN 166 standard? What is this?

To work in complete safety, choose VARIONET SAFETY PRO


After 40 years the near vision becomes difficult or even impossible under certain conditions. it is a natural phenomenon to be taken into consideration for trades carrying out precision work, electricians, plumbers, electronics engineers, mechanics, masons... for all professionals carrying out detailed work needing clear and precise close-up vision. Varionet has been offering “Varionet Safety” do-it-yourself goggles for several years now. These are fitted with the new Varionet technology digressive glass for presbyopes over 45 years of age. These glasses offer clear vision from 30 cm to more than 1 meter and they effectively protect the eyes and periocular parts from shocks and projections! The range of Varionet Safety Pro safety glasses offers 6 degrees of correction (in clear or solar glass) for the visual comfort of all generations from +1.00 to +3.50. Those are anti-fog goggles very efficient thanks to the coating of the glass.


Like the Varionet Safety Pro , sun protection glasses feature depth-of-field degressive lenses for clear vision from 30 cm to more than 1 meter, these glasses are also:

  • hardened on the surface to be more scratch resistant
  • treaties antifog
  • tinted : gray-green tint G15, tint of Ray-Ban category 3 lenses
Tinted protective glasses protect your eyes from glare and provide you with visual comfort for the various outdoor jobs, in complete safety!


You are not yet presbyopic and need corrective protective glasses? Varionet offers you safety glasses adapted to your vision correction . Whether you are nearsighted, astigmatic, farsighted or farsighted, we have a solution for you!

For more information, contact us at contact@varionet.com

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The on Eclipse sunglasses

Sunglasses or over-glasses

Are you dazzled? Do you have trouble concentrating in more or less sunny conditions? The Eclipse sunglasses are for you! Equipped with cat1 to 3 polarized lenses, these sunglasses are designed to block light rays thanks to their design and their high quality polarized yellow lens.

Glasses for whom?

With their modern design, the Eclipse over-glasses are suitable for everyone, man or woman. You can wear them over your glasses or as simple sunglasses . Eclipse sun protection glasses are made for those who want to quickly and efficiently convert their prescription glasses into polarized sunglasses . They are ideal for people suffering from AMD, cataracts...

The advantages of Eclipse glasses

  • light, robust and versatile frame
  • UV 400 protection
  • polarized lenses to reduce glare and reverberation and improve contrast
  • protection and side lenses for a large panoramic field of vision to block the sun on the sides.
  • more clarity and optimal glare protection
  • reduced eye strain

For your visual comfort, Varionet offers you a selection of Eclipse over-glasses at €39.00

Polycarbonate glasses

Polycarbonate lenses replace on many optical equipment organic lenses (plastic) or traditional mineral lenses because they are shock resistant, lightweight while being comfortable.

A little history :

Polycarbonate is a material dating back to the 1950s. It was designed for the American aviation because it offered high impact resistance and great optical quality. Around 1970, polycarbonate was used by NASA for the manufacture of visors for astronaut helmets and for the windshields of airplanes and space shuttles. Its optical qualities and performance meant that in the 1980s the optics-eyewear industry became interested in it not only for the manufacture of lenses but also for that of frames .

The advantages of polycarbonate glasses:

Polycarbonate lenses are made by injection, the polymer is heated and then injected into molds until it cools. This material is increasingly used because it has many advantages:

  • High impact resistance : polycarbonate lenses are up to 10 times more impact resistant than organic lenses and mineral glass. It is particularly suitable for protective glasses, sports glasses, children's glasses... polycarbonate glasses are almost unbreakable.
  • Significant lightness : these glasses are very comfortable because they are very light. For the same correction, organic or mineral lenses are heavier and thicker.
  • UV protection : due to their chemical design, polycarbonate lenses protect wearers' eyes from 100% UV rays
  • Good optical quality : polycarbonate glasses provide high optical quality without distortion for the wearer and a comfortable field of vision for transparent glasses.

The disadvantages of polycarbonate glasses:

Polycarbonate has only one drawback:

It is a “soft” material which has a low resistance to abrasion; this is why it benefits from a treatment in order to harden the surface of the lenses. This does not make it "scratchproof" but more resistant to scratches. it becomes as hard as organic glass.

For some glassmakers it is more expensive than other materials; Varionet offers safety glasses or anti-blue light computer glasses equipped with polycarbonate lenses at low prices . Indeed, all our digressive and rest lenses are made of polycarbonate!

Visual protection at home

The good weather is back and we are taking advantage of the weekends in May to garden, clear brush, do some DIY…

Many traumas, shocks or eye injuries are counted each year and about 50% of them occur at home.

Be safe also at home:

For most of us, safety glasses or goggles rhyme with professional environment


The presence of a foreign body in the eye is a common thing. Whether walking, cycling, playing sports or simply shopping our eyes are exposed to dust and many other particles that can end up crossing the natural barrier of eyelashes and eyelids For irritate the eye .

This is why according to our activities it is necessary to wear sunglasses or some Protective glasses as a preventive measure.