Reasons, causes and solutions for presbyopia


You are over 40 years old, and maybe you noticed that when you read a newspaper, a book or your phone, you had some difficulty distinguishing the letters clearly? This is due to the appearance of a vision disorder . More precisely the presbyopia !

To be sure, it's very simple! 

Myopic and presbyopic, possible?

Many believe that myopia is the most common visual defect; but this is not the case even if it could become so in 50 years with the epidemics of myopia linked to the use of smartphones. In a general way there population is farsighted but this defect less embarrassing than myopia is little diagnosed, the farsighted person generally suffers only from visual fatigue. But after 45 years myopic or farsighted everyone becomes presbyopic !

Christmas gift ideas: why not glasses?

The Christmas holidays are fast approaching. You have no inspiration, no gift ideas for your loved ones? Varionet helps you find the perfect gift for your family.

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5 reasons to offer proximity glasses for Grandmother's Day

Sunday March 7 will be Grandmothers Day! This somewhat special year, they deserve to be celebrated more than ever. Maybe you will have the chance to visit him to give him a small gift. Short of ideas? Why not give him a nice pair of reading glasses? We are going to give you 5 good reasons to offer proximity glasses to your favorite grandmother.

Protect your eyes and your visual comfort

Take care of your vision

Just like his body, it is important to take care of his eyes . Indeed for this you need a healthy lifestyle with a healthy and balanced diet as well as a ophthalmological examination every two years . For people over 40, it is important to wear presbyopic glasses in order to find a visual comfort and clear vision .

The right foods

For the retina and what makes it up to work properly, it is important to consume vitamin A. Indeed we notice that people who consume little have poor vision (mainly at night). Where can I find vitamin A? Well in egg yolk for example and even butter.
The combination of ACE vitamins protects the eyes from cataracts and AMD. These vitamins are found in fruits such as kiwi or peppers and even in oil and butter.

Ophthalmological examination

The ophthalmological examination is a vision assessment . Indeed during this one the ophthalmologist will examine the bottom of the eye, it will have to take into account the modifications related to the growth and the practices of hygiene specific to each individual. Examinations make it possible to detect diseases, to treat them, to correct them and to cure them. This is why it is very important to do one every two years and in children every year .

Visual Aids

As a visual aid we can speak presbyopia glasses which, thanks to their proximity lenses, allow you to see up close when reading and at mid-distance for screen work.

To protect your sight and eyes and maintain your visual comfort, it is important to wear anti-blue light glasses during long hours spent in front of computers, TV, smartphones... just like sunglasses for driving, outdoor activities during strong sunlight.

New York Yankees glasses

The New York Yankees baseball team is also a ready-to-wear brand. Major League Baseball, of which it is a part, has existed for 150 years. MLB is made up of 30 teams that each have their own brand.

Image result for "new york yankees glasses"

Some of these brands are global US fashion icons, with New York Yankees being the most famous. Strongly inspired by American culture, New York Yankees influence the world of fashion. Young people are very fond of New York Yankees items that are often worn by their favorite stars. The brand is available in many derivative products: caps, clothing, shoes, eyeglasses , sunglasses , and other accessories... World famous, it is very masculine, but nevertheless has a range of mixed products.

Image result for "new york yankees glasses"

New York Yankees glasses feature the logo symbolized by the initials NYY. Very subtle, they bring a final touch to the brand's glasses. It is this detail that makes the difference on their frames. Young people recognize themselves in the fashion side of New York Yankees glasses. Varionet offers New York Yankees frames in acetate or metal for everyone. They are available for the youngest (child or teenager) in anti-blue light glasses equipped with Cool Blue + lenses. They can also be adapted as needed as presbyopia glasses with decreasing lenses to improve near vision or as anti-fatigue and anti-blue light glasses with computer lenses for young people working in front of computers. The New York Yankees glasses are at very reduced prices and from 79 € frame and lenses!

Image result for "new york yankees glasses"

Movie glasses

Glasses in the cinema are an integral part of the hero who wears them ! They represent his personality and they even sometimes become “must-haves” that the world snaps up. Passing by Matrix, Harry Potter, Top Gun, The Blues Brothers without forgetting Fight Club, Men in Black and Léon, their glasses have made the heroes of these films true legends!

Round glasses like Harry Potter

Harry Potter and his round glasses, what a story! He brought this model up to date and as soon as the first film was released, many little boys wanted to have the same pair as their favorite hero! On Varionet you will find a similar model, a pair of round metal glasses from the Gant brand at €89.90 .

You can opt for "Cool Blue" anti-blue light glasses without correction or presbyopia anti-blue light glasses or presbyopia glasses according to your age and your desires!

Top Gun pilot goggles

Ask Tom Cruise how you can do without a pair of pilots! He will tell you that it is obviously impossible! That's why Varionet offers you an ultra vintage Ray-Ban “Cockpit” model for just €99.00. Treat yourself and take advantage of our “satisfied or refunded within 30 days” service.

Sunglasses à la Men in Black

Do you want to look like Will Smith and fight the ugly aliens with your sunglasses? Find on Varionet a pair of Foreign Legion sunglasses in black acetate and equipped with polarized lenses at only €69.00! You can also opt for “Cool Blue” computer lenses that filter out harmful artificial blue light.

Blues Brothers style sunglasses


You like to sing, dance, be cool! Wear the "cult" Ray-ban Wayfarer black or tortoiseshell sunglasses like the Blues Brothers. You find them too inclined or too big in this case, choose the Ray-ban New Wayfarer with a softer and more current shape. For fans of these models, these frames also exist in anti-blue light glasses .

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Winter glasses, green glasses

2017 colorful year!

Colored eyeglasses are taking center stage at the start of 2017. Green is a color that is essential and has slowly filled our cupboards to make room for the hope and optimism that we have daily need.

Why green?

Because it is the color of nature, color conveying harmony, growth, freshness.

A wide range of green opens the door to enjoy different colors such as pistachio green, lime green, soft green...

To satisfy your cravings for green on your eyes ; we have selected the best selling prescription glasses or reading glasses to spread hope and energy without losing sight and glamour!

Calvin Klein glasses in crystal green, bright and toned color.

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Varionet R3003 reading glasses

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Rest glasses or presbyopia glasses Help me! Larix

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Reading glasses or anti-blue light glasses Versace 19V69 V7050

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Dress up your eyes with green eyeglasses at Varionet !

Electronic glasses

Electronic glasses for presbyopia

electronic glasses

New lenses are revolutionizing the world of optics and give hope of visual comfort to all presbyopes . This is an electronic lens that can replace progressive and multifocal lenses thanks to liquid crystals integrated into the lower part of the lens. They will be able to manage the refraction of light according to the needs or situations of the individual who wears them.

Features of electronic glasses for presbyopia

The electronic lens will adapt to the most suitable correction of the patient with a big strong point, the lens will not distort the environment unlike progressive lenses.
This new generation lens will therefore allow all presbyopes to regain perfectly clear vision adapted to each individual by reducing the risk of discomfort, deformation of the environment and optical aberrations, a great feat of technology.

How it works ?

The patient will have to touch the edge of his frame to activate the liquid crystals so that the lenses focus in near vision. Regarding the mount, it will have a battery with a range of 2 to 3 days. It will therefore be necessary to think of charging it to be able to use them. Today there are already a few examples of "PixelOptics" glasses. The price of these glasses is around 800 euros.

Varionet proximity glasses

Varionet also offers glasses for revolutionary presbyopes , these are proximity glasses. Indeed, thanks to the lenses developed by MAVU opticians, it is now possible to find clear vision up close but also at an intermediate distance, unlike the classic reading glasses found in pharmacies. An effective alternative at a lower cost .

Oakley opens its first store in Milan

Oakley store Milano

The first Oakley store in Italy opened in Piazzale Cadorna, Milan . It is a mono-brand store , very high-tech and highlighting Oakley 's offer, from glasses to clothing , including more technological items, such as " Radar Pace ", smart glasses equipped with headphones, sensors and microphones. These have the particularity of coaching you in real time , thanks to its sensors and the integrated microphone.

Optical fair Hong Kong

Optical fair Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Optical Fair is a globally recognized trade show for retailers, manufacturers and professionals in the ophthalmic optical industry. Show renowned for its innovations, quality and efficiency, new products such as the latest technologies in traditional or 3D eyeglasses and contact lenses as well as store furniture and accessories are presented there. This took place over three days, from Wednesday November 9 to Friday November 11, 2016.

Why Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is the world's third largest exporter of sunglasses and optical frames behind Italy and China. As the main trading platform for this industry in Asia, the HKTDC's Hong Kong Optical Fair is an important barometer of the health of the sector globally.

Over the years we have noticed that the rate of exhibitors and optical professionals continues to increase . This show is therefore a real success and allows many professionals to discuss and do business. In full swing, this event welcomes more and more French companies including Minima or Opal.

The essentials of the 2016 show: “ Reading glasses ” and “ Blue light blocking glasses

The Reading Glasses or reading glasses in French have become essential . Today, in addition to their health aspect, which is to improve near vision when reading while providing real visual comfort , they are available as fashion items and are worn by more and more people, including many stars.

Just like reading glasses, " Blue light blocking glasses " or blue light glasses are essential for modern life; especially in Asia where blue light is omnipresent and creates a public health problem with the epidemic of myopia.

Large spaces are dedicated to these 2 technologies at this show with specific glassmakers such as the Japanese, Tokaï.

Added to this were the latest fashionable glasses, high-tech novelties with recent innovations in augmented reality glasses and many other professional materials...

Find a large selection of Reading glasses or reading glasses as well as our rest glasses to protect you from blue light on our site

Correct your presbyopia in just 1 CLIC !

20 million people in France are affected by presbyopia (difficulty seeing up close after 45 years), only 100,000 decide to correct it by wearing contact lenses.

Most correct presbyopia with magnifying glasses/classic reading glasses that can be found in pharmacies and parapharmacies at low prices.

These glasses are easy to purchase and allow close reading only.

However, what to do when you want to have an intermediate vision during manual work, for example?

Varionet has found the solution!

February 06, 2016