Reasons, causes and solutions for presbyopia


You are over 40 years old, and maybe you noticed that when you read a newspaper, a book or your phone, you had some difficulty distinguishing the letters clearly? This is due to the appearance of a vision disorder . More precisely the presbyopia !

To be sure, it's very simple! 

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Whether you have always had good vision from afar without glasses, whether you are nearsighted, farsighted or have mild astigmatism , around forty no one escapes presbyopia !
Often, the first discomfort is felt when returning from vacation: when the light decreases, after summer or following a sudden fatigue. Suddenly, you can no longer read the newspaper, restaurant menus or notices just by holding them at arm's length.
Don't panic, it's normal and natural!

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How do I know if I need reading glasses

Reading becomes difficult, you think you need reading glasses, you just become presbyopic . Rest assured you are not alone! 1 in 4 people and in your case.

glasses for reading

What is presbyopia?

Presbyopia is a loss of near vision from the age of 40. It appears from the age of 40. The visual organs (the lens and the ciliary muscles harden as we age and the effect of focusing on near objects is even harder.

Here's how to tell if you're presbyopic and need reading glasses
  • You turned 40

Presbyopia is the visual problem that appears around 40-45 years old. It evolves until 65-70 years to finally stabilize. This loss of vision evolves regularly, which is why it is necessary to see an ophthalmologist every 2 to 3 years.

  • Your arms are too short

At the beginning by moving your work away and with good lighting, you manage. And the more the presbyopia increases, the more you will keep your books, documents, newspapers away from your eyes... until they become too short!

  • You fall asleep while reading

Whether at work or at home, your eyelids become heavy, you feel like dozing off after reading or spending time on your computer. Another sign of the onset of presbyopia. Subconsciously your eyes focus on your text and all the other parts of the eye work hard to compensate and allow for sharp vision.

  • You often have headaches

Visual fatigue related to presbyopia can cause headaches. After a long reading or computer work, you have headaches. Do not hesitate to ask your optician or your doctor if reading glasses can relieve you

  • You reduce your activities closely

Seeing up close becomes complex, presbyopic people often tend to no longer practice their activities requiring good near vision. Do you read less and less, do you wear makeup less every morning than the day before, do you always order the same thing at the restaurant? so many daily signs that show us the need to wear reading glasses.

  • Looking for more light

Another symptom of presbyopia is the need for direct, bright light to focus closely. So if you find yourself looking for more and more light when reading, sewing, or working at other hobbies up close, it may be a sign that you need vision correction for presbyopia.

  • You perceive halos

Even when it is not Christmas you have the impression of seeing beautiful circles of colored light. This can be very annoying especially when driving. If your vision blurs in a way that creates a halo effect around car headlights, streetlights, or other objects, see your eye doctor.

You need reading glasses for your daily life! To simplify their maintenance, don't forget the Opticlair-Varionet disinfectant and cleaning wipes and the Varionet anti-fog microfiber glass towel , an essential accessory in this season and when wearing a mask.

Reading glasses and presbyopic glasses Varionet

Varionet Presbyopia lens technology

Varionet opticians have developed a lens that allows people presbyopia to find a clear near but also intermediate vision contrary to magnifying glasses / classic single-focal glasses found in pharmacies.

Computer glasses for presbyopia and the digital age

Digital devices are part of everyday life which induces a redistribution of the five senses; Indeed hearing, taste, touch and smell lose importance compared to sight .

It is common for users of digital screens (smartphones, tablets, computers , e-readers) to experience visual discomfort related to fatigue : tearing, headaches, feeling of heaviness, blurred or fluctuating vision, irritated eyes, neck pain and back, feeling of dust in the eyes, etc.
One of these symptoms bothers you, you can blame your devices!

Nearly 90% of users spend two or more hours looking at a digital device per day. One in 10 people spend nearly 75% of their waking hours staring at a screen, and our eyes aren't made for that!
After 40 years with the onset of presbyopia, focusing in near vision is increasingly complex, it generates problematic reading and eye fatigue which is accentuated by the use of screens and blue light emissions. Not handling these tools has become impossible, which is why we offer you some solutions to relieve this fatigue

  • The 20/20 rule: every 20 minutes, take a 20-second break while looking away
  • Position your screen correctly to avoid reflections and induced glare.
  • Place your screen a good distance from your eyes: the palm of your hand should touch the screen with your arm extended.
  • Wear special computer and anti-blue light reading glasses :

Varionet offers computer glasses equipped with degressive lenses designed for digital life. With corrections from +1.00 to +3.50, these are the ideal computer glasses for presbyopia, you can read, see your screen or your colleague with a single pair of glasses ! For more comfort, opt for the Cool Blue anti-blue light anti-reflective coating. Anti-blue light presbyopic glasses improve contrast, reduce visual fatigue, protect you from UV and toxic blue-violet radiation.

Whatever your desires, your budget, you will find the pair of computer reading glasses that suits you...

Protect your eyes and your visual comfort

Take care of your vision

Just like his body, it is important to take care of his eyes . Indeed for this you need a healthy lifestyle with a healthy and balanced diet as well as a ophthalmological examination every two years . For people over 40, it is important to wear presbyopic glasses in order to find a visual comfort and clear vision .

The right foods

For the retina and what makes it up to work properly, it is important to consume vitamin A. Indeed we notice that people who consume little have poor vision (mainly at night). Where can I find vitamin A? Well in egg yolk for example and even butter.
The combination of ACE vitamins protects the eyes from cataracts and AMD. These vitamins are found in fruits such as kiwi or peppers and even in oil and butter.

Ophthalmological examination

The ophthalmological examination is a vision assessment . Indeed during this one the ophthalmologist will examine the bottom of the eye, it will have to take into account the modifications related to the growth and the practices of hygiene specific to each individual. Examinations make it possible to detect diseases, to treat them, to correct them and to cure them. This is why it is very important to do one every two years and in children every year .

Visual Aids

As a visual aid we can speak presbyopia glasses which, thanks to their proximity lenses, allow you to see up close when reading and at mid-distance for screen work.

To protect your sight and eyes and maintain your visual comfort, it is important to wear anti-blue light glasses during long hours spent in front of computers, TV, smartphones... just like sunglasses for driving, outdoor activities during strong sunlight.

Mid-distance glasses or proximity glasses

Degressive glasses, what are they?

Proximity glasses or degressive glasses come from a lens technology originating from progressive lenses; these glasses make it possible to offer more or less young presbyopes a clear multi-distance vision:

  • perfect near vision for reading and precision work
  • close vision for work on screen, to read sheet music for musicians...
  • intermediate vision to see your interlocutor or colleague correctly without taking off your glasses.

      These glasses are an innovation for 21st century presbyopes because they allow you to work comfortably in front of screens. The design of these lenses helps the wearer in his daily life by avoiding neck pain thanks to a more physiological head posture.

      Indeed progressive glasses are not the preferred equipment for working in front of a computer, you are obliged to adopt a head bearing resembling that of a "turtle". Opting for a pair of proximity glasses means opting for additional comfort.

      Presbyopia looking for visual comfort in front of screens

      Many new presbyopes who had no visual problem are reluctant to wear glasses with progressive lenses. Indeed they do not feel any discomfort for far vision activities such as sports, driving... their need is for near and intermediate vision . For them, rather than choosing basic single vision near vision lenses, it is smart to choose degressive glasses with these lenses specially designed for screen work and reading . These glasses, also called semi-progressive glasses by many ophthalmologists, allow the patient to adapt gently to the geometry of multi-distance lenses.

      Indeed, 60% of presbyopes use a computer and glasses that are not necessarily suitable for near vision. 75% of them experience visual fatigue after a day in front of the computer.

      Proximity glass is therefore preferred for people with presbyopia who spend many hours in front of a screen .

      Varionet proximity glasses

      Varionet degressive glasses contribute to your eye comfort and visual protection in front of screens: television, computer, smartphone, tablet, reader.

      MAVU opticians have developed a "Cool Blue" anti-blue light anti-reflective treatment which, via a filter, reduces the harmful effects of screens on the body: headaches, dry, red and itchy eyes, neck pain , loss of concentration at the end of the day…

      To try them is to adopt them; discover our eyewear collection with mid-length lenses !

      Eye difficulties at work

      We spend long hours at work, this environment can have various daily influences or even risks on our long-term visual health.


      Poor lighting is a common problem when working especially in office environments. The ideal is to work in natural light, which allows us to be more relaxed. Unfortunately far too many offices are poorly lit and the main source of light is fluorescent light, neon tubes. This light is white but sparkles a lot, emitting peaks of certain wavelengths; this causes eyestrain .

      In addition to these lighting issues, we must not forget that we spend a lot of time in front of our computer screens, which are themselves a source of light and glare and visual fatigue. Our eyes are exposed to an influx of images: pixelated images of the screen but also the reflection(s) of our surroundings. This is very tiring and the reality of many assets spending 8 hours on PCs. This is why it is imperative to position your screen so that it does not receive the reflection of light.

      We must take into account that electronic devices emit their own light with a significant peak of harmful blue light, so we must protect ourselves from their negative effects by avoiding abuse and wearing blue light blocking glasses.


      Temperature is a frequent source of conversation in the office; there are those who are cold, those who are hot! Heaters, reversible air conditioning are working well… What impact for the eyes? These heating systems dry out the atmosphere and lead to a common eye problem: dry eye syndrome . The eyes tend to dry out after hours spent concentrating and working because we blink little to moisten our corneas.

      To avoid feeling these genes, workplaces should be naturally ventilated as much as possible. If this is not feasible, there is always the option of installing humidifiers to maintain a healthy atmosphere.

      Eye fatigue:

      Several factors are therefore harmful to our sight at work, so that visual fatigue and eye stress are unavoidable. To minimize the effects, it is important to rest your eyes regularly by looking into the distance, taking breaks and doing some simple exercises to relax.

      Visual fatigue should not be confused with presbyopia, an age-related visual defect that appears after the age of 40 and affects near vision . Some people with near vision difficulties equate it with visual fatigue as they become presbyopic! The simplest solution to remedy this: reading glasses equipped with degressive lenses.

      Never lose your reading glasses again!

      You have more and more difficulty concentrating to read or look at small print, this is one of the signs of presbyopia. After 40 years, it appears and reading becomes progressively impossible hence the need to wear reading glasses . Most people with good vision misplace their reading glasses and have a collection of magnifying glasses all over the house!


      The "Customania" madness

      At the beginning of the 1980s, two brothers, two Catalan stylists passionate about fashion decided to open their first store specializing in men's shirts: "Custo". Born in Barcelona and inspired by Californian fashion and the many travels of designers, the brand is now known and recognized throughout the 4 corners of the world.

      Funky and originality, the key words of the Custo brand

      Competed today by a “funky” fashion giant: Desigual (which is also a Spanish brand), Custo Barcelona remains a looter of “original” fashion throughout the world and especially in Spain. Today, 35 years after their debut, the Custo Barcelona brand remains on the front of the stage with creations that are still exceptional!

      On the website we offer you a collection of glasses made up of numerous Custo Barcelona men's and women's models. This selection offers fashionable, original, colorful, classic glasses, of various materials and these are ideal for reading glasses for presbyopic people aged 45 and over. However, they can also be equipped with anti-blue light lenses for people with no visual defects or wearing contact lenses.

      Custo glasses

      Custo glasses are original models, which do not look like other brands. Most are made from acetate , a plastic material that has been used since 1865, they are of high quality and robustness. Acetate is a material obtained from extracts of cotton or tree pulp, it is a natural polymer.

      Other models are available in metal, a material that is also of high quality, very light and above all very discreet, it is ideal for young presbyopes who are not used to wearing reading glasses or computer glasses.