Computer Glasses, a real utility for EVERYONE!

THE computer glasses , blue light blocking glasses : everyone is talking about them! But do you know what it is exactly? What are they for ? And who are they for?

That you are under 40 years old and without visual defects or over 40 years old and presbyopia, and whether you work on a computer or pass a lot of _ time in front of screens at home, blue light blocking computer glasses are for you!

Young students or working people looking for visual comfort

Anti-fatigue gaming glasses

gaming glasses


Every day we spend more than 8 hours in front of a screen , which is already a lot, you might say. From the morning we look at our mobile phone then the computer at work, the television at home, the smartphone in transport, the tablet, the e-reader ... But some people sometimes spend even more time on the screens in playing video games . This is the gaming community.


We call " Gamers " a person passionate about video games and playing them regularly. Some practice it as hobbies, others make it their job by participating in E-sport competitions. But 4 out of 10 Gamers report suffering from visual fatigue in front of a screen, which can be detrimental not only to vision, but can also reduce performance during competitions.



The problem being that the screens emit a bluish light that is harmful to our eyesight . Indeed, the artificial light of the screens presents peaks of blue light also called HEV (High Energy Visible) which leads, for the less lucky, to quite terrible migraines and headaches, which can disrupt daily life, for others this will simply be a loss of concentration, itchy eyes and visual fatigue.

harmful blue light spectrum


To preserve your sight , the ideal is to wear anti-blue light glasses . These glasses are equipped with innovative lenses that filter 100% UV and harmful blue light from screens . It is an innovative technology based on a monomer that blocks blue wavelengths. These lenses are equipped with an anti-reflective coating for optimal comfort. This glass is not likely to be altered over time. It is therefore enough to have a pair of anti-blue light glasses to guarantee your view in front of the screens. In addition, thanks to this innovative technology, you preserve your eyes in the long term . Fewer damaged retinal cells less chance of developing AMD (age-related macular degeneration) in the future. Anti-blue light computer glasses are ideal for anyone who spends hours in front of a screen to play games.

Gamers who put a lot of strain on their near vision and have a great need for concentration wear them with pleasure. They are ideal for them: after several hours on screens wearing blue light blocking glasses you will notice an improvement in your concentration and this will increase your performance .

gaming keyboard


The Cool Blue Relax glasses are the special anti-blue light glasses at Varionet . They are ideal for 18-40 year olds . Their price is 45€ and they are available in black, blue and tortoiseshell. They will relieve your eyes and eliminate that feeling of fatigue at the end of a day spent in front of the screens.

These are the anti-fatigue gaming glasses you need!

Cool Blue glasses

To start the new school year off right

Tips for visual well-being for a good start to the student year.

Is your visual well-being the sine qua non of your student success? Here are some tips to get your school year off to a good start.

Prepare your visual well-being before the start of the school year

Myopia in Asia, an epidemic

Myopia, an epidemic

Myopia affects 40% of young people in Europe, in Asia it affects 90% of students at the end of their studies, alarming figures. Even if the genetic factor is important, the new lifestyle of young people indoors, in front of screens, leads us to believe that it is also one of the causes of this growth. Optometrists, doctors and researchers are increasingly interested in this subject, which they even call “an epidemic”.

Myopia, what is it?

Myopia is a vision disorder that causes blurry distance vision . This disorder is due to an excessive length of the eye and must be corrected by wearing glasses or contact lenses. Myopia stabilizes from the age of 20/25, once it is stable it is possible to undergo an operation to improve your quality of life by eliminating the wearing of glasses and/or contact lenses.

Environmental factors, major causes of myopia

Children and students are spending more time indoors than before. With the rise of the internet and consoles, they have never been so much in front of screens and sought close vision. A new way of life that has serious consequences on their health and eyesight. Indeed, practicing outdoor activities allows the eye to rest and exposes individuals to natural light . This releases dopamine, a neurotransmitter that stops the growth of the eye and therefore naturally fights myopia.

Protect yourself from myopia

In order to reduce the risk of myopia, it is important to encourage children to go out and play outdoors. It is necessary to curb indoor games that require a screen: TV, computer, tablet, smartphone because this artificial light increases the risk of myopia. For the youngest we offer Cool Blue + anti-blue light glasses , without correction they filter UV and harmful blue light thanks to their innovative material.
For students, the wearing of blue light blocking glasses to decrease the effects of harmful artificial light is necessary. From €39.00, we offer computer glasses with Cool blue anti-reflective treatment.

Color blindness explained

Colorblind or not, many wonder what colorblindness is? And why are we color blind?

Color blindness or dyschromatopsia is the name given to a color vision anomaly characterized by the confusion of red and green colors. This problem can even lead some people to the inability to see these colors, just like blue or any mixture of colors. Most sufferers have inherited this deficiency from their parents and have this disability from birth.

The human eye uses 3 kinds of cones for color vision , these are retinal cells operating in daytime vision and concentrated in the macula, the most "connected" part of the retina . Each of these cones detects red, green or blue light.

For those who inherit color blindness, one of these cells malfunctions, does not exist, or ceases to function. A person may not see one of the three basic colors (red, blue, or green) or may see a different shade of that specific color.

However, color blindness is not always inherited. You can become color blind following an eye problem (macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, aging, etc.) or trauma (blow or injury to the eye).

There are several color tests that can be done to determine what kind of color blindness the patient has. There are several online but these are limited and best to consult an eye specialist.

How does a color blind see?

Depending on the nature of color blindness, people with this pathology see their environment differently. Each type of cones relates to a color blind person:

  • attack of the cone L : the subject is protanope , he does not see the red or protanomal, presence of the red but he is deficient.
  • impairment of cone M : the subject is deuteranopic , absence of green, this is the most common form
  • attack of the cone S : the subject is tritanope , he does not see blue ; it is a very rare pathology.

Comparative view of different color blind people :

Glasses for the color blind?

Research is still underway to improve the daily life of color blind people, some manufacturers offer specific glasses in the USA for more than $300.

A solution will also be connected glasses which will certainly soon be able to solve these problems.

Like others, the eyes of color blind people are fragile, get tired and age! this is why it is important to protect them from UV, blue light, projections... with anti blue light glasses for computers or with magnifying glasses for presbyopia after 45 years for those who have difficulty reading, see the fine print.