blue light hazard

Blue light: DANGER for your sleep

blue light emitted by screens such as computers, TVs, phones and even tablets when backlit activates 100 times more non-visual photosensitive receptors in the retina . This leads to a disruption of the biological clock and causes difficult nights, a bad awakening and a day that tires your body by provoking: headache , back pain , neck pain , itchy eyes . These many disturbing and painful symptoms prevent your brain from concentrating as much as possible on the task(s) to be performed during the day.

Moderate use of screens after 9:00 p.m. would make it easier to sleep

According to a survey we find that more than 70% of the French population uses a technological device such as a smartphone or tablet before going to bed. This automation is more and more dangerous for sleep  However, how many people are aware of the impacts it has on sleep?
According to several doctors and scientific researchers, it is necessary to stop using screens after 9:00 p.m. because the light projected by the screens prevents the production of melatonin. This hormone, which is produced naturally when you're in the dark, helps regulate your sleep cycle . In addition, these prolonged uses prevent relaxation when going to bed and therefore cause greater difficulty in falling asleep. If in a room we find a bed it is because this room must be reserved exclusively for sleep and relaxation (music, reading, etc.) it is therefore strongly discouraged install a TV, computer or other digital instrument.

How to protect your eyes in front of the screens?

If you like to relax in the evening in front of the TV we have a solution to mitigate the risks of blue light: anti-blue light computer glasses intended for screens . Indeed, these resting glasses help protect your eyes when they are exposed to these sources of harmful light for a long time. However, to wear them you must be emmetropic , that is to say not have a vision problem or wear contact lenses. You will feel from the first use that your relieved eyes , thanks to a light yellow filter it will be more pleasant to watch TV or use the computer , these allow to find a real visual comfort while preventing some very painful and disturbing back and headaches.

Where can I find computer glasses?

Many models are available on , at low prices and without a prescription! Indeed, these anti-blue light glasses have a low universal correction and high-performance Cool blue anti-reflective lenses.

Blue light blocking glasses for young people

Nowadays everyone has a device emitting harmful artificial blue light : tablet, pc, TV screen, computer, smartphone, LED… The youngest are often confronted with it; with the Internet era, children and teenagers are hyper-connected at home and at school, where many of them use tablets, PCs, laser pens, blackboards with backlighting, etc. All these devices use technology LCD with LED backlighting, these LEDs are economically advantageous but they emit a large amount of harmful blue light for our organism.

Harmful blue light is the region of waves at the beginning of the visible light spectrum just after UV between 380 nm and 530 nm. This blue light, in large doses, can cause hormonal imbalances, eye damage such as sleep disorders, cataracts, macular degeneration, etc.

With the Cool Blue + lenses, Varionet offers blue light blocking glasses without correction to protect the eyes of those who spend hours in front of new technologies. These glasses are equipped with Cool Blue + lenses made of an innovative material that absorbs 100% of UV rays and + 90% of blue light up to 420 nm. These lenses are uncorrected and equipped with a high-performance anti-reflective treatment, it is perfect for protecting the eyes and ocular appendages of the youngest without visual problems.

The + of Cool Blue + anti-blue light glasses :

  • Protects eyes from harmful blue light
  • Protects against UV
  • Reduce visual stress
  • Improves contrast
  • Limits glare
  • Reduces headaches, neck pain...
  • Minimizes dry eye syndrome...

Cool Blue+ anti-blue light glasses are comparable to various food supplements by protecting your eyes and ocular annexes such as the retina, the eyelids from the harmful effects of screens.

With Cool blue anti-blue light glasses, protect your eyes and those of your loved ones!

Take advantage of the big brands to offer Ray-ban blue light blocking glasses, Tom Ford blue light blocking glasses ... at low prices.

Anti-blue light treatment: COOL BLUE

A few words about blue light

Every day, we spend more time in front of various digital tools: at work on PCs, in the metro and transport with our phones or at home with the computer and tablets and all under LED lamps. The hours pass and we submit our eyes to blue light rays and parasitic reflections emitted by the screens; these cause many ailments (migraine, itchy eyes, back pain, etc.). According to numerous medical studies, these disorders come from the blue light HEV (High Energy Visible) which is emitted by the LED lights of digital screens. This blue light is the most harmful of the light spectrum and causes long-term damage to the eye and vision.

The problems of artificial light on the body

In addition to blurring vision and creating hard-to-manage ailments, blue light disrupts the sleep cycle. Indeed if you read on a tablet/reader in the evening before going to bed, it will prevent you from falling asleep, which will cause you: Difficult night, fatigue, irritability and difficulty concentrating the next day...

 The solution to fight effectively: The “Cool Blue” treatment

However, there are ways to reduce these harmful effects on our vision and our body and improve our well-being: reduce the use of our telephones, computer, television, tablet and equip ourselves with an accessory that will effectively fight against that harmful blue light.

Varionet opticians have understood that it is almost impossible to live without this technology which accompanies us and makes our daily life easier. That's why they developed the "Cool Blue" glass. Computer glasses equipped with this high-performance anti-reflective block artificial blue light from screens and UV rays. Thanks to its design, the Cool Blue™ anti-blue light glasses allow you to regain visual comfort and work in complete serenity.

You will find the Cool Blue™ treatment onrest glasses for 18-39 year olds or on reading glasses for presbyopes after 40-45 years old.

The third eye

" Never two without three "

binocular vision of man is one of the most perfected in the animal world. Yet the 2-eye system may not have always guided human sight. Like all vertebrates, we have an epiphysis or pineal gland located between the two hemispheres of the brain which is the size of a pea .
According to some scholars, this epiphysis is all that remains of the third eye of our distant aquatic ancestors which would have calcified. It is possible that this useless third eye has acquired secretory functions over time. This gland secretes hormones regulating circadian rhythms (biological clock).
This third eye still exists in some animals. This epiphysis grows forward to form a median, single eye in the case of the shark or batrachians. In the lizard, it is a perfected eye with 5 layers of retinal cells and a macula.
Besides these biological notions, the third eye has an esoteric dimension. It is found in many Eastern civilizations (Buddhist, Taoist…), it is the psychic center other organs and allow meditation.

For Descartes, in the 17th century, it is "the seat of the soul"

blue light

There are 2 kinds of blue light : natural blue light emitted by the sun and artificial blue light emitted by LEDs (Visible Light Energy).

Solar blue light is one of the elements of the light spectrum; it is the light composed of UV and blue located at the border of the visible and the UV. This is not very harmful for a healthy eye and for wavelengths close to yellow even beneficial for our health.

On the other hand, artificial blue light is dangerous for the eye . We are all more and more confronted with it with technological development; this is the light emitted by a large number of everyday devices: PCs, flat screens, smartphones, tablets, tom-toms… and also by public and domestic lighting. Indeed, for economic and durability reasons, LEDs are replacing incandescent and halogen bulbs, etc.

All of these modern light sources emit a high proportion of blue light radiation called HEV (High Energy Visible).

Many studies have shown that even low sustained but repeated exposure is harmful; it is the cause of various visual disorders or genes such as tingling eyes, headaches and can also cause damage to the ocular annexes (lens, retina, eyelid, etc.) such as premature cataracts, AMD, etc.

The impacts of this light on humans are multiple because daily exposure to these devices not only damages our sight but also affects our circadian rhythm, that is to say our biological clock . These wavelengths of light stimulate the hormones of awakening and looking at your iPad, tablet or console at night can prevent you from falling asleep even when you are tired .

On the other hand, the strong stroboscopic effect (the large fluctuations in visually imperceptible light intensity) is the cause of glare .

The negative effects of LEDs are greater in children, the elderly, people undergoing photosensitizing medical treatment, aphakic people, etc.

This is why it is recommended to limit exposure to these light sources, especially among people most at risk and in the evening, then to protect yourself with specific anti-blue light glasses which protect your eyes from this radiation by absorbing a part of blue light .

Blue light blocking glasses for better sleep

Sleep is one of the essential activities of our existence; whether physically or psychically we need it for a serene and balanced daily life.

Modern life is more and more dynamic, activities are multiplying and very often we postpone bedtime to go out, read, work, watch television...

When we spend our evenings watching television, our tablets or smartphones, our computer screens, our body absorbs a large amount of blue light .

The blue light emitted by all these devices is harmful for various reasons.

It acts as a stimulant by stimulating us and increasing our attention span during the day and at the end of the afternoon. The artificial blue light thus absorbed can have a negative effect on our circadian rhythm, our biological clock.

When night falls, our brain naturally produces a natural chemical “ melatonin ” which signals to our body that it is almost time to sleep. Studies have shown that short wavelengths of artificial blue light (emitted by LEDs for example) inhibit melatonin production . This is why we have trouble falling asleep or experience insomnia.

In order to significantly reduce these inconveniences while continuing to use modern technologies, there is a simple and elegant way: blue light blocking glasses .

These glasses are equipped with specific cool blue lenses, presbyopia glasses or glasses without correction for the youngest, they are designed to block UV and blue light emissions from LEDs, computers, telephones...

Sweet dreams with your Cool blue sunglasses