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Why eye protection glasses?

For many activities, it is advisable to wear protective glasses: pruning, sanding, painting, welding... people without visual problems put on eye protectors without corrections easily. On the other hand, the others, generally, keep their glasses and damage them! Hence the interest of premounted safety glasses for presbyopia in near vision where the prescription safety glasses Varionet.

What do the markings on my goggles mean?

All the safety glasses sold by Varionet respond to different personal protection safety standards: prescription safety glasses, vision protection glasses for presbyopia or non-corrective protection glasses.

EN 166 standard? What is this?

To work in complete safety, choose VARIONET SAFETY PRO


After 40 years the near vision becomes difficult or even impossible under certain conditions. it is a natural phenomenon to be taken into consideration for trades carrying out precision work, electricians, plumbers, electronics engineers, mechanics, masons... for all professionals carrying out detailed work needing clear and precise close-up vision. Varionet has been offering “Varionet Safety” do-it-yourself goggles for several years now. These are fitted with the new Varionet technology digressive glass for presbyopes over 45 years of age. These glasses offer clear vision from 30 cm to more than 1 meter and they effectively protect the eyes and periocular parts from shocks and projections! The range of Varionet Safety Pro safety glasses offers 6 degrees of correction (in clear or solar glass) for the visual comfort of all generations from +1.00 to +3.50. Those are anti-fog goggles very efficient thanks to the coating of the glass.


Like the Varionet Safety Pro , sun protection glasses feature depth-of-field degressive lenses for clear vision from 30 cm to more than 1 meter, these glasses are also:

  • hardened on the surface to be more scratch resistant
  • treaties antifog
  • tinted : gray-green tint G15, tint of Ray-Ban category 3 lenses
Tinted protective glasses protect your eyes from glare and provide you with visual comfort for the various outdoor jobs, in complete safety!


You are not yet presbyopic and need corrective protective glasses? Varionet offers you safety glasses adapted to your vision correction . Whether you are nearsighted, astigmatic, farsighted or farsighted, we have a solution for you!

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