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Visual fatigue affects the work of employees

Visual disturbances at work

8 out of 10 employees say they feel visual discomfort and eye disorders at work . Headaches, dry eyes, neck stiffness, glare and visual fatigue are the various symptoms. Many of them take up to 5 breaks per day to rest the vision. Of the more than alarming figures which endanger the eyesight of employees as well as the economy of companies.

Varionet, an online licensed optician

Varionet: for whom? Why? is a number 1 online optical store in the field of presbyopia glasses, computer glasses and in France since 2008. We specialize in proximity glasses intended for presbyopia after 40 years and computer glasses and offer you innovative presbyopia lenses with corrections from +1.00 to +3.50 as well as rest lenses for the youngest.

Gamer and vision

video eyes The modern life in which we live every day we are confronted with many screens , television, computers, laptops, tablets not to mention video games which represent a significant part of...

Detecting vision problems at school

Detection of vision problems in children at school At least 30% of primary school failures are due to late detection of vision problems . This is why for several years...
Les aliments bons pour votre vue !

Foods that are good for your eyesight!

Good food for good eyesight! We think of paying attention to what we eat to improve nail growth or to have shiny and healthy hair, but our eyes are often...

Anti-blue light treatment: COOL BLUE

A few words about blue light Every day, we spend more time in front of various digital tools: at work on PCs, in the metro and transport with our phones...

Visual problems: the first signs

View is one of 5 senses that govern human life, which is why it is important to take care of our eyes and learn to recognize the various vision problems and their induced symptoms. Here are some tips to help you spot these different signs.

blue light

There are 2 kinds of blue light : natural blue light emitted by the sun and artificial blue light emitted by LEDs (Visible Light Energy). Solar blue light is one...