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The anti-fog wipe, not just for mask wearers!

With the Covid-19 pandemic and the wearing of the mandatory mask, you have, for sure, seen multitudes of tips for prevent your glasses from fogging up . Some more surprising or effective than others. This is the case of the Varionet anti-fog microfiber ! However, there exists other situations where this anti-fog wipe could do you a favor…

  • DIY

Do-it-yourselfer on Sunday, you have fog forming on your goggles ? An anti-fog microfiber avoids this problem and allows you to tinker in peace.

The wearing of mandatory respiratory masks

Wearing a mask becomes compulsory in France
On Thursday, July 16, 2020, our Prime Minister Jean Castex confirms Emmanuel Macron's previous announcement requiring the wearing of a mask in all closed public establishments. Nevertheless, this obligation initially scheduled for August 1, 2020, was brought forward to Monday July 20 due to a general relaxation of the population of barrier measures following weak signs of resumption of the epidemic.