Don't forget Cyber ​​Monday!

Cyber ​​Monday: what is it? A little history...

Monday, November 28, 2022 will be Cyber ​​Monday ! However, today is Black Friday! But what is the difference?

This term only appeared in 2005, it is the Monday which follows Thanksgiving and the Black-Friday . Unlike Black Friday where purchases can be made in physical stores as well as online, 

Reasons, causes and solutions for presbyopia


You are over 40 years old, and maybe you noticed that when you read a newspaper, a book or your phone, you had some difficulty distinguishing the letters clearly? This is due to the appearance of a vision disorder . More precisely the presbyopia !

To be sure, it's very simple! 

Long live your glasses!

All wearers know this well; spectacle lenses get dirty regardless of their material! Reading glasses, computer glasses, sunglasses or goggles are subject every day to dust, pollution, dirt and their lenses, even if they are hardened, are not 100% resistant to micro-scratches and scratches. ..

Lanvin, the oldest French fashion house

Lanvin is a French fashion house created in 1889 by Jeanne Lanvin . It remains today the oldest in activity . Lanvin also makes haute couture accessories, including glasses .
The origins of the brand
The success story of this brand is amazing. Jeanne Lanvin sews children's clothes for her daughter . The children's mothers attending the same school as her daughter and enjoyed the creations. One after the other they order.

Optyl Glasses

The Optyl material

Optyl is a plastic material invented in 1968. Produced by the condensation of phosgene on a bisphenol, it is then added with a hardener to then be molded or cast. It is a very light thermoelastic material (1.1g/Cm3) and hypoallergenic. Compared to acetate it is 30% lighter and the manufacturing costs of this material are lower.


Whether you have always had good vision from afar without glasses, whether you are nearsighted, farsighted or have mild astigmatism , around forty no one escapes presbyopia !
Often, the first discomfort is felt when returning from vacation: when the light decreases, after summer or following a sudden fatigue. Suddenly, you can no longer read the newspaper, restaurant menus or notices just by holding them at arm's length.
Don't panic, it's normal and natural!

Buy light and robust computer glasses

Reading glasses for work in titanium

For your long hours of work on the screens you want comfortable, light and robust computer glasses. Of the titanium reading glasses are the ones you need! the titanium , this material extremely light has many advantages and is widely used in the world of optics. The titanium glasses are hypo-allergenic, ultra-light, solid, comfortable and, depending on the alloy used, very flexible .

How do I know if I need reading glasses

Reading becomes difficult, you think you need reading glasses, you just become presbyopic . Rest assured you are not alone! 1 in 4 people and in your case.

glasses for reading

What is presbyopia?

Presbyopia is a loss of near vision from the age of 40. It appears from the age of 40. The visual organs (the lens and the ciliary muscles harden as we age and the effect of focusing on near objects is even harder.

Here's how to tell if you're presbyopic and need reading glasses
  • You turned 40

Presbyopia is the visual problem that appears around 40-45 years old. It evolves until 65-70 years to finally stabilize. This loss of vision evolves regularly, which is why it is necessary to see an ophthalmologist every 2 to 3 years.

  • Your arms are too short

At the beginning by moving your work away and with good lighting, you manage. And the more the presbyopia increases, the more you will keep your books, documents, newspapers away from your eyes... until they become too short!

  • You fall asleep while reading

Whether at work or at home, your eyelids become heavy, you feel like dozing off after reading or spending time on your computer. Another sign of the onset of presbyopia. Subconsciously your eyes focus on your text and all the other parts of the eye work hard to compensate and allow for sharp vision.

  • You often have headaches

Visual fatigue related to presbyopia can cause headaches. After a long reading or computer work, you have headaches. Do not hesitate to ask your optician or your doctor if reading glasses can relieve you

  • You reduce your activities closely

Seeing up close becomes complex, presbyopic people often tend to no longer practice their activities requiring good near vision. Do you read less and less, do you wear makeup less every morning than the day before, do you always order the same thing at the restaurant? so many daily signs that show us the need to wear reading glasses.

  • Looking for more light

Another symptom of presbyopia is the need for direct, bright light to focus closely. So if you find yourself looking for more and more light when reading, sewing, or working at other hobbies up close, it may be a sign that you need vision correction for presbyopia.

  • You perceive halos

Even when it is not Christmas you have the impression of seeing beautiful circles of colored light. This can be very annoying especially when driving. If your vision blurs in a way that creates a halo effect around car headlights, streetlights, or other objects, see your eye doctor.

You need reading glasses for your daily life! To simplify their maintenance, don't forget the Opticlair-Varionet disinfectant and cleaning wipes and the Varionet anti-fog microfiber glass towel , an essential accessory in this season and when wearing a mask.

The French Days are back!

The French Days? What is that ?

From April 27 to 1 May 2018 appeared the French days which are nothing but the equivalent of American Black Friday . The success of these few days was such that they returned in the fall of the same year to the delight of consumers. And for good reason, this short period, at the initiative of 6 French e-commerce sites, allows take advantage of exceptional and untraceable reductions the rest of the year. Thus, most French and even foreign brands have also followed the movement.

Reading glasses and presbyopic glasses Varionet

Varionet Presbyopia lens technology

Varionet opticians have developed a lens that allows people presbyopia to find a clear near but also intermediate vision contrary to magnifying glasses / classic single-focal glasses found in pharmacies.

New for the summer: Polar

Varionet has received a brand new collection from the Polar brand!

polar glasses

What is this brand?

The Polar brand has positioned itself as one of the great references in the optical world thanks to its models that offer the customer exactly what he is looking for. Thanks to this, the brand has become world famous . The Polar brand makes glasses for men, women and children.

These are reading glasses with polarizing clips , with plastic or metal frames and classic lenses with a polarizing clip, ie anti-reflective sun protection . They are therefore both "classic" reading glasses, but also solar reading glasses or sunglasses.

What are Polar clip-on glasses?

Polar glasses are supplied with a clip , i.e. a second pair of glasses, solar and polarizing . This second pair of glasses is fixed on the "classic" glasses thanks to 2 magnets on each side of the glasses. So much so that for a single pair of glasses purchased you have the impression of having 2 ! You can choose to use classic reading glasses, or solar and polarized magnetic glasses.

What is a polarizing lens?

The principle of polarizing glasses is quite simple to understand: it is a polarizing film fixed between 2 layers of glasses. These are sunglasses with an additional filter that allows you to remove reflections due to the reverberation of the sun on the water (for fishing) or on the ground (for driving). Polarized lenses prevent glare .

polarized polarized glasses

The advantages of polarizing lenses

Reverberation is a phenomenon that tires the eye very quickly. Glare is made up of parasitic reflections that blur vision and force you to squint your eyes to try to see more clearly. It can be very annoying. This is the case when we are at sea (on a boat) or in the mountains (when the snow surrounds us). Wearing polarized lenses then helps to see correctly without having to make any effort ! You will have a reduction in fatigue as well as greater visual comfort .

Speaking of reflective surfaces, the road is just one place to find them! When driving, the sun's rays can reflect both on the road and on the windows of the vehicles around us. Polarizing lenses therefore help in this situation to prevent glare, which can help avoid or better manage dangerous situations . The visual comfort it brings is also an advantage for clearly perceiving all the information.

polarized lenses

Polar glasses on Varionet

On you will find the new Polar collection with polarizing clips . Take your pick, you won't be disappointed!

polar glasses

polar glasses

polar glasses

polar glasses

Treat yourself to a pair of Italian luxury glasses: Armani

Giorgio Armani Eyewear

Armani is an Italian fashion brand, from Milan more exactly, created in 1975 by Giorgio Armani.

This is one of the most remarkable creators of his generation. He took men's fashion and made it evolve. Today he is recognized worldwide as the best Italian designer . His style is elegant and somewhat unstructured.

Giorgio Armani

The Armani brand is fashion and lifestyle products including clothing, accessories, eyewear , watches, jewelry, lifestyle and home furnishings as well as fragrances and cosmetics.

However in 1981 Armani launched the Emporio Armani brand.

But what is the difference? -> A younger and more accessible spirit.

Emporio Armani Glasses

The Emporio line is high-end and targets a more modern clientele. Indeed, this label is intended for individuals aged 20 to 30 with a chic and sporty style. In order to appeal to young adults, Emporio is cheaper than other Armani lines. This is why Emporio Armani can use materials of relatively lower quality than the big luxury brand Giorgio Armani but keep the Latin elegance of Armani. Its muse is Calvin Harris, the famous DJ with a young and casual spirit.

Calvin Harris Armani glasses

Armani glasses

The Armani brand offers a large selection of eyeglasses and sunglasses . Trendy, elegant and timeless, Giorgio Armani eyeglasses will seduce you whether you are a man, a woman, young or older! Giorgio Armani frames are made from high quality materials, for a rendering close to perfection . G iorgio Armani models are very comfortable, pleasant to wear and sit perfectly on the nose. As for the Emporio , they have a simple design, light and super flexible frames.

Armani at Varionet

The glasses are adaptable to your eyesight on the Varionet website, and you can find a wide choice of models equipped with Cool Blue glass, anti-blue light glasses facing digital screens. This allows you to reduce your eyestrain.

After 40, find Armani reading glasses with Varionet digressive lenses for presbyopia corrections from +1.00 to +3.50.

We can also add sun lenses for the perfect sun reading glasses .

Finally, you can also order glasses adjusted to your sight, you just have to give us your prescription when ordering on , our qualified opticians will take care of the rest.

Armani glasses

Armani glasses

Armani glasses