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Every day we spend more than 8 hours in front of a screen , which is already a lot, you might say. From the morning we look at our mobile phone then the computer at work, the television at home, the smartphone in transport, the tablet, the e-reader ... But some people sometimes spend even more time on the screens in playing video games . This is the gaming community.


We call " Gamers " a person passionate about video games and playing them regularly. Some practice it as hobbies, others make it their job by participating in E-sport competitions. But 4 out of 10 Gamers report suffering from visual fatigue in front of a screen, which can be detrimental not only to vision, but can also reduce performance during competitions.



The problem being that the screens emit a bluish light that is harmful to our eyesight . Indeed, the artificial light of the screens presents peaks of blue light also called HEV (High Energy Visible) which leads, for the less lucky, to quite terrible migraines and headaches, which can disrupt daily life, for others this will simply be a loss of concentration, itchy eyes and visual fatigue.

harmful blue light spectrum


To preserve your sight , the ideal is to wear anti-blue light glasses . These glasses are equipped with innovative lenses that filter 100% UV and harmful blue light from screens . It is an innovative technology based on a monomer that blocks blue wavelengths. These lenses are equipped with an anti-reflective coating for optimal comfort. This glass is not likely to be altered over time. It is therefore enough to have a pair of anti-blue light glasses to guarantee your view in front of the screens. In addition, thanks to this innovative technology, you preserve your eyes in the long term . Fewer damaged retinal cells less chance of developing AMD (age-related macular degeneration) in the future. Anti-blue light computer glasses are ideal for anyone who spends hours in front of a screen to play games.

Gamers who put a lot of strain on their near vision and have a great need for concentration wear them with pleasure. They are ideal for them: after several hours on screens wearing blue light blocking glasses you will notice an improvement in your concentration and this will increase your performance .

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The Cool Blue Relax glasses are the special anti-blue light glasses at Varionet . They are ideal for 18-40 year olds . Their price is 45€ and they are available in black, blue and tortoiseshell. They will relieve your eyes and eliminate that feeling of fatigue at the end of a day spent in front of the screens.

These are the anti-fatigue gaming glasses you need!

Cool Blue glasses

The World Cup on TV screen without straining your eyes

In this month of June, with the weather changes, the pollution, the computer work... your eyes are solicited all day long. In the evening, you suffer from visual fatigue , headaches, dry eyes, tingling, your vision becomes blurred... and yet you want to watch the football World Cup matches on your television, computer or telephone screen .


You work in front of a screen, you always have your smartphone, a tablet… you certainly experience eye fatigue , a feeling of visual stress or even a general state of fatigue . These can appear in the morning and different symptoms can alert you:

  • Blurred distance and/or near vision
  • Double vision
  • Itchy, crying eyes
  • Burning eyes, feeling hot
  • Dry eyes, red eyes
  • Eye and eyelid pain
  • Glare
  • Regular and frequent blinking
  • Frowning while squinting
  • Headache
  • Painful cervical

To reduce these unpleasant effects, several solutions are available to you and their combination is beneficial. First of all, you can make certain improvements to your workspace to lessen the inconvenience and discomfort caused.

A few tips:

  • Avoid placing your PC screen facing a direct light source (window, lamp, etc.)
  • set up a modular office for your various tasks: paper reading, screen reading, writing, etc.
  • take care to have a good posture
  • make sure you have adequate light without forgetting to regularly look outwards.

Varionet offers you Cool Blue anti-blue light glasses designed specifically for working in front of the computer and various muti-media tools. These blue light blocking glasses are equipped with rest lenses or presbyopic digressive lenses to relieve visual fatigue experienced during prolonged work on a computer.

They combine several high-performance treatments, such as a hardened treatment and an anti-blue light anti-reflective treatment to limit annoying reflections emitted by screens, and:

  • a minimal universal correction specially designed to reduce the accommodation needs of the eye between near vision and mid-distance vision for 18-40 year olds.
  • a wide -field proximity lens offering clarity and precision from 30 cm to more than 1 m for presbyopes after 40-45 years, for corrections of +1.00 to +3.50.

In addition, all Varionet anti-blue light glasses are equipped with polycarbonate lenses, a light and impact-resistant material and, above all, which protect your eyes from UV rays.

The finding? You see well, your eyes work less and visual fatigue decreases!

    The detailed glasses fitting procedure

    Fitting the glasses

    When you place an order for presbyopia glasses, rest glasses or prescription glasses on our website, we check the frame and the lenses to see if there are any manufacturing problems: defective welding, damaged acetate plastic, surface treatment of the lenses, no scratches... Then we proceed with the assembly and then the shipment .


    Glasses mounting procedure

     Pointing glasses : whether it is a decreasing lens or a rest lens, we will check, using a fronto-focusometer, that the power of the lens corresponds to your order or your prescription and mark the optical center of the lens.

     Frame probing : this operation is done with a probe which will be inserted in the bezel of the frame to scan the shape of the 2 circles on the right and on the left. For nylor or drilled frames, we will only feel the caliber of a lens.

     Centering and suction : the feeler is connected to a centering device on which the shape of the mount is displayed. We record the different parameters to be taken into account: client's pupillary distance, mounting height, type of lens, frame, type of grinding to be performed... we can thus position the lens correctly and suction it using a mounting suction cup and a double-sided sticker for trimming.

     Lens grinding : with a machine equipped with different wheels (one for each material) we proceed to the size of the lenses. All previously recorded data is transmitted to the machine. She checks that the diameter, the thickness of the glass allow this step. The glass will go over a roughing wheel and then over a finishing wheel with finer grains depending on its material.
    Depending on the mount chosen, the grinding will not be the same:
    - bevel for fully rimmed frames 
    - creasing for semi-rim frames with nylon thread or metallic thread
    - flat bevel for rimless frames
    The lens is shaped like the frame.

     Counter-bevel : We make a counter-bevel with a hand finishing wheel. The goal is to break the edges of the glass so that it is not sharp and this avoids unsightly splinters.

     Assembly : The mounting of the lenses is different depending on the material of the eyeglasses:
    - for plastic frames : we heat the glasses in order to soften the material and to be able to clip the glasses on it.
    - for metal frames: we check that the curvature of the metal circle is identical to that of the lens and using a screwdriver, we open the frame to position the lenses.
    - for nylon frames: with a plastic tab, we catch the nylon thread in order to insert it into the groove of the glass.
    - for drilled frames: with a precision drill we drill the mounting holes and then we mount the branches and bridge with screwdriver, screw and nut with plastic chimneys.

    - Verification : the assembly is finished, we iron the glasses on the focimeter in order to check the powers and the centering of the glasses.

    - Repair : after mounting the frames are often a little deformed; it is a question of checking that the lenses are in the same plane, the temples and plates symmetrical, that the glasses close correctly.

    - Cleaning : last operation to remove all fingerprints, marks on the glasses…

    And here are your reading or resting glasses ready for delivery!


    The "Customania" madness

    At the beginning of the 1980s, two brothers, two Catalan stylists passionate about fashion decided to open their first store specializing in men's shirts: "Custo". Born in Barcelona and inspired by Californian fashion and the many travels of designers, the brand is now known and recognized throughout the 4 corners of the world.

    Funky and originality, the key words of the Custo brand

    Competed today by a “funky” fashion giant: Desigual (which is also a Spanish brand), Custo Barcelona remains a looter of “original” fashion throughout the world and especially in Spain. Today, 35 years after their debut, the Custo Barcelona brand remains on the front of the stage with creations that are still exceptional!

    On the website we offer you a collection of glasses made up of numerous Custo Barcelona men's and women's models. This selection offers fashionable, original, colorful, classic glasses, of various materials and these are ideal for reading glasses for presbyopic people aged 45 and over. However, they can also be equipped with anti-blue light lenses for people with no visual defects or wearing contact lenses.

    Custo glasses

    Custo glasses are original models, which do not look like other brands. Most are made from acetate , a plastic material that has been used since 1865, they are of high quality and robustness. Acetate is a material obtained from extracts of cotton or tree pulp, it is a natural polymer.

    Other models are available in metal, a material that is also of high quality, very light and above all very discreet, it is ideal for young presbyopes who are not used to wearing reading glasses or computer glasses.