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Lanvin, the oldest French fashion house

Lanvin is a French fashion house created in 1889 by Jeanne Lanvin . It remains today the oldest in activity . Lanvin also makes haute couture accessories, including glasses .
The origins of the brand
The success story of this brand is amazing. Jeanne Lanvin sews children's clothes for her daughter . The children's mothers attending the same school as her daughter and enjoyed the creations. One after the other they order.


Autumn or the season of blue light

The change of hours, the All Saints holidays, the days getting shorter are all signs to announce blue light season .

We come home from work, the children from school, it is 5 pm, the sun is already setting, night is approaching. Unlike the long summer evenings spent outside, autumn and winter send us back inside our homes face to face with our different screens , sources...

Anti-fatigue gaming glasses

A FINDING Every day we spend more than 8 hours in front of a screen , which is already a lot, you might say. From the morning we look at...

For a timeless style, adopt CHLOÉ glasses

Chloé, a pioneering brand !

Chloé is a French brand created by Gaby Aghion in 1952 to dress modern and active women.

Chloé combines the requirements of haute couture with those of ready-to-wear. It is the precursor of luxury ready-to-wear. Her clothes are supple, Mediterranean-inspired with natural, fluid and refined colors. Beautiful silk, lace or chiffon fabrics are used for original models.

Why blue light blocking glasses for computer work?

2019, A year without blue light! Cool Blue anti-blue light glasses for 100% protection Every day in France and whatever the age, almost 70% of us spend at least 7...

To start the new school year off right

Tips for visual well-being for a good start to the student year.

Is your visual well-being the sine qua non of your student success? Here are some tips to get your school year off to a good start.

Prepare your visual well-being before the start of the school year

Eyesight in teenagers and young adults

The visual health of young people According to ASNAV , the national association for the improvement of sight, young people aged between 16 and 24 spend at least 8 hours a day...

What costume to wear with glasses?

Only one week left to prepare your Halloween costume! Varionet offers you a large collection of anti-blue light glasses and sunglasses that you can use as a key part of your costume, but also keep and use in everyday life.

TOP 5 eyeglasses 2017

Here is a selection of some fashionable eyeglasses or reading glasses for everyone: 1/ Pantos prescription eyeglasses are still #1. These Eleven Paris glasses are elegant acetate frames ideal for...

Never lose your reading glasses again!

You have more and more difficulty concentrating to read or look at small print, this is one of the signs of presbyopia. After 40 years, it appears and reading becomes progressively impossible hence the need to wear reading glasses . Most people with good vision misplace their reading glasses and have a collection of magnifying glasses all over the house!

Anti-blue light treatment: COOL BLUE

A few words about blue light Every day, we spend more time in front of various digital tools: at work on PCs, in the metro and transport with our phones...

The detailed glasses fitting procedure

Fitting the glasses When you place an order for presbyopia glasses, rest glasses or prescription glasses on our website, we check the frame and the lenses to see if there...