Which mask to use in 2021?

For almost a year, wearing a mask has become normal to protect yourself from the coronavirus and now from its variants.

Faced with the shortage of masks, many have turned to their sewing machine to develop them by following the "AFNOR standards": no sagittal seam, 3 folds etc...

Then gradually came disposable masks, washable ones, surgical ones, FFP1, FFP2, UNS1, UNS2, cat1, cat2, KN95... a whole barbaric language for the average consumer!

Use your breathing mask properly

Find some tips for wearing your washable and reusable mask.
  • hand hygiene, do not touch your face
  • fit the mask well on the face at the level of the nose and chin
  • wear the mask for 4 hours max; renew it as soon as it is damp, unpleasant to wear
  • remove it by the rubber bands, avoiding touching it
  • put it in a suitable container while waiting to wash it at 60°
  • possibility of disinfection with a UVC sterilizer

The wearing of mandatory respiratory masks

Wearing a mask becomes compulsory in France
On Thursday, July 16, 2020, our Prime Minister Jean Castex confirms Emmanuel Macron's previous announcement requiring the wearing of a mask in all closed public establishments. Nevertheless, this obligation initially scheduled for August 1, 2020, was brought forward to Monday July 20 due to a general relaxation of the population of barrier measures following weak signs of resumption of the epidemic.