Summer is here: how to protect your eyes from the sun?

Sight is, among our 5 senses , the one we use the most. But how do you protect your eyesight in summer with the intensity of the sun? Our eyes are fragile and need to be taken care of.

What are the risks of the sun for your eyes?

On the front of the eye is the cornea, it protects the eyes from UV from the sun .

Vuarnet and sunglasses: a long story!

The famous brand of glasses Vuarnet was not born from the last rain! She has a long and beautiful story behind her and it is far from over. Vuarnet was created in the 1950s under the impetus of its creator Roger Pouilloux .

Sunglasses and winter driving

Sunglasses are one of the must-have summer accessories, but we tend to forget about them in the winter. However, protecting yourself from UVA and UVB rays is just as important during the cold season. In addition to protecting our eyes and appendages from sun damage, wearing sunglasses can help us be better drivers , creating a safer world for everyone on the roads.

Protect yourself from the sun in the mountains in winter

The snow is here and many of you go on winter sports to enjoy the fresh mountain air. In our suitcases we put warm clothes, ski equipment, sunscreen and often we forget that it is also very important to protect our eyes .

  • Optimal eye protection:

Clean your sunglasses

The sunglasses brands or not are as fragile as eyeglasses . To be able to enjoy it for several years or at least during the summer, it is important to have the good gestures and good methods of cleaning. Through this article you will find simple and judicious information to extend the life of your favorite sunglasses!

How to take care of your sunglasses?

July 16, 2021

On the way to the holidays

Summer holidays are coming and so are long car journeys… everyone wants to rest from the difficult past year! And the travel time, the many traffic jams are tiring and even dangerous. But a trip is being prepared, which is why every year many associations recommend that users do certain checks before departure.

Mask + Goggles = FOG! How do I prevent my glasses from fogging up?

Wearing a mask is now compulsory in many countries including France. Whether in public transport, in public places, in high schools, the mask has quickly become an essential part of our daily lives.

Why is my prescription glasses or sunglasses fogging up?

When wearing glasses and a mask or mask-visor several hours everyone can realize the fogging of the glasses .

Coronavirus-Covid-19: the role of your eyes in the spread of the virus

Faced with the global coronavirus epidemic, several doctors and scientists are wondering if our eyes are involved in the spread of this disease. Indeed, a Chinese doctor reported having contracted the disease because he was treating sick patients without eye protection. Moreover, WHO recommends avoiding touching the mouth, nose and eyes because the virus reaches us through the mucous membranes .

Pantone trend color of the year 2020

On December 5, the world reference for colorimetry PANTONE announced in an Instagram post the trendy color of the year 2020.

Classic Blue, the new trendy color of 2020

After the Living Coral in 2019, the Classic Blue is the color of the year 2020. This midnight blue color is already very popular on social networks and interior magazines. The color is: Pantone 19-4052.

New year, new glasses?

Varionet: a site for glasses that we love.

Some would welcome the change, not me. I bought them on the Varionet site, I liked them. I had had three pairs. Three different pairs for different uses and different designs.

Pairs adapted to my activities, to my face, to my sight, to my mood, to fashion.

Today it would be necessary for me to change it. Not that it's a whim, my glasses need to be readjusted to my eyesight and by dint of wearing them, cleaning them sometimes carelessly with a paper towel, they are damaged, scratched, worn. Far be it from me to wish to feed the circuit of the consumer society. But I change, my view changes. I have to admit and accept that I have to part with my glasses.

varionet reading glasses

2019: a change accepted, desired as a promise, glasses to choose from Varionet.

Look for a new frame, more in line with what I have become. In fact not one but three new mounts, and why not four! Let's go forward... Life is a perpetual evolution and wanting to remain static only leads to regress. Let's move forward, love and bet on the future.

Come on, I'll dry my tears, I'll keep my old frames in my dresser drawer and I'm embarking on the necessary change of this new year.

A round tortoiseshell frame as reading glasses for reading and writing at the office or on my computer

A pair of mid-range blue light blocking glasses for professional or personal tasks that require a broader environmental spectrum of activity.

A pair of progressive glasses , because of my age, to move around, drive, watch my route in the train and transport in general. A colorful pair, to generate enthusiasm around me.

new glasses for 2019

The essential superfluous: Sunglasses and protective glasses for DIY.

Finally have fun, I dream of them and they are necessary, even essential to protect my eyes from the rays, moreover, fashion accessory, sunglasses , to play the stars and protect my eyes from the reverberations of the sun. winter and summer sun.

I can't resist the last accessory: eye protection glasses . Useful for small DIY and gift for the friend you love.

Renewal for 2019. Inner renewal, renewal for my eyes, renewal for my vision, renewal of my look. Inside and outside. The eyes which see and which are looked at, the inner sight which is exteriorized and shown and made visible by the shape and color of the frames, the finesse of the lenses and the intensity of the gaze, present by its sharpness, behind glasses and a new frame for him.

Brigitte, a client and an admirer

Protect your eyes and your visual comfort

Take care of your vision

Just like his body, it is important to take care of his eyes . Indeed for this you need a healthy lifestyle with a healthy and balanced diet as well as a ophthalmological examination every two years . For people over 40, it is important to wear presbyopic glasses in order to find a visual comfort and clear vision .

The right foods

For the retina and what makes it up to work properly, it is important to consume vitamin A. Indeed we notice that people who consume little have poor vision (mainly at night). Where can I find vitamin A? Well in egg yolk for example and even butter.
The combination of ACE vitamins protects the eyes from cataracts and AMD. These vitamins are found in fruits such as kiwi or peppers and even in oil and butter.

Ophthalmological examination

The ophthalmological examination is a vision assessment . Indeed during this one the ophthalmologist will examine the bottom of the eye, it will have to take into account the modifications related to the growth and the practices of hygiene specific to each individual. Examinations make it possible to detect diseases, to treat them, to correct them and to cure them. This is why it is very important to do one every two years and in children every year .

Visual Aids

As a visual aid we can speak presbyopia glasses which, thanks to their proximity lenses, allow you to see up close when reading and at mid-distance for screen work.

To protect your sight and eyes and maintain your visual comfort, it is important to wear anti-blue light glasses during long hours spent in front of computers, TV, smartphones... just like sunglasses for driving, outdoor activities during strong sunlight.

The on Eclipse sunglasses

Sunglasses or over-glasses

Are you dazzled? Do you have trouble concentrating in more or less sunny conditions? The Eclipse sunglasses are for you! Equipped with cat1 to 3 polarized lenses, these sunglasses are designed to block light rays thanks to their design and their high quality polarized yellow lens.

Glasses for whom?

With their modern design, the Eclipse over-glasses are suitable for everyone, man or woman. You can wear them over your glasses or as simple sunglasses . Eclipse sun protection glasses are made for those who want to quickly and efficiently convert their prescription glasses into polarized sunglasses . They are ideal for people suffering from AMD, cataracts...

The advantages of Eclipse glasses

  • light, robust and versatile frame
  • UV 400 protection
  • polarized lenses to reduce glare and reverberation and improve contrast
  • protection and side lenses for a large panoramic field of vision to block the sun on the sides.
  • more clarity and optimal glare protection
  • reduced eye strain

For your visual comfort, Varionet offers you a selection of Eclipse over-glasses at €39.00