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Can returning to work cause eyestrain?

Work, re-entry and eyestrain

The month of September is here, synonymous with back to school and this is a sign that the holidays are beautiful and well over! Summer is coming to an end and autumn is on its way. We have to adapt to the days that are getting shorter and it is common for eyestrain to appear. No more idleness, little naps, the daily routine is back with the long hours spent in front of digital devices and paperwork.

How do I know if I have a visual problem? Take the test!

Undetected visual fault: Many of us have a visual problem even sometimes without realizing it! For some, this visual deficit may be slight and following daily activities barely noticeable. On...

Driving and visual health

Be careful with your eyes!

Being an ace driver is not possible without a good view ! 90% of the information necessary for safe driving comes from our ability to see well . On the vacation route, vision is essential; indeed you must quickly adapt to a new environment. The light intensity of the sun, the speed and the lights of other vehicles are all factors that change your usual road conditions.