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Christmas gift ideas: why not glasses?

The Christmas holidays are fast approaching. You have no inspiration, no gift ideas for your loved ones? Varionet helps you find the perfect gift for your family.

An original customizable Christmas gift for each of your loved ones

The winter sales to buy a new pair of anti-blue light glasses without correction

The sales are back at Varionet, go online to shop new blue light blocking glasses

Date and legislation of sales

The new year begins and arrives at the beginning of January the period of winter sales . In this year 2020, the sales will only last 4 weeks against the 6 weeks until summer 2019.

The return of eye fatigue

Back to school is coming and your eyes are already tired!

For what?

The lights follow each other and are not alike: after filling up with vitamin A under the sun arrive the rays of blue light emitted by your computer , smartphone and other digital devices.

Blue light , everyone talks about it; it is present everywhere! First in the natural light emitted by the sun , in this case "normal" exposure is strongly recommended for its beneficial effects for humans.

For Christmas, offer screen glasses

Christmas is fast approaching and it's the puzzle to find gifts. In recent years, the most requested gifts have been consoles, telephones, tablets and other digital devices, so to complete...

Digital era and eyestrain

As we have already seen previously, the digital world in which we live demands a little more of our sight every day to the detriment of the other senses. This causes visual fatigue and other inconveniences.

Finding a job with glasses

Wear glasses during a job interview According to a study reported in the DailyMail , Wearing glasses during a job interview would increase the chances of getting the job . In fact,...

blue light hazard

Blue light: DANGER for your sleep blue light emitted by screens such as computers, TVs, phones and even tablets when backlit activates 100 times more non-visual photosensitive receptors in the retina ....

The World Cup on TV screen without straining your eyes

In this month of June, with the weather changes, the pollution, the computer work... your eyes are solicited all day long. In the evening, you suffer from visual fatigue , headaches, dry eyes, tingling, your vision becomes blurred... and yet you want to watch the football World Cup matches on your television, computer or telephone screen .

Blue light blocking glasses for young people

Nowadays everyone has a device emitting harmful artificial blue light : tablet, pc, TV screen, computer, smartphone, LED… The youngest are often confronted with it; with the Internet era, children...

Protective glasses for children's screen

Protect children's eyes from screens

THE Varionet Cool Blue+ blue light blocking glasses are there to protect the eyes of children facing various screens. At home to play, watch television or at school during their computer lessons, so many occasions that require the use of glasses to protect their eyes...

Blue light blocking glasses for kids

Varionet offers cool and fashionable blue light blocking glasses for children of all ages. Varionet glasses are different shapes, fun colorful and all at low prices!

All children's blue light blocking glasses are equipped with the innovation CoolBlue+ ;