Back to school is coming and your eyes are already tired!


The lights follow each other and are not alike: after refueling with vitamin A in the sun, the rays of blue light emitted by your computer , smartphone and other digital devices arrive.

Blue light , everyone talks about it; it is present everywhere! First of all in the natural light emitted by the sun , in this case a "normal" exposure is strongly recommended for its beneficial effects for humans. The so-called "blue-turquoise" light helps with falling asleep, with the proper functioning of the circadian rhythm... Conversely, "blue-violet" light plays the opposite role and has harmful effects on your eyes.

After good sunbathing, you are faced with screens, LEDs that emit a large amount of blue-violet rays. This exposure associated with the short viewing distance of the different media causes eye fatigue as well as many genes:

  • burning eyes, dry eyes
  • blurred vision
  • retinal damage in children
  • difficulty concentrating
  • headaches, neck pains...

reentry and eyestrain


The solution? Blue light blocking glasses

After sunglasses, blue light blocking glasses are the solution. Blue light being everywhere, they are the essential accessory to reduce the harmful effects of screens. Many ophthalmologists such as Doctor Jean Leid recommend wearing anti-blue light glasses in order to protect and preserve your eyes, these absorb nearly 30% of blue-violet rays and 100% of UV rays.

Varionet opticians offer you Cool blue anti-blue light glasses without correction for the youngest or reading glasses with anti-blue light anti-reflection for presbyopia

relax blue light glasses