The sales are back at Varionet, go online to shop new blue light blocking glasses

Date and legislation of sales

The new year begins and arrives at the beginning of January the period of winter sales . In this year 2020, the sales will only last 4 weeks against the 6 weeks until summer 2019.

Since a decree of May 27, 2019, the dates are fixed by department by the state and must meet precise specifications. This winter, they will start on Tuesday January 8 and end on Tuesday February 4, 2020 in most departments except those in the east.

Varionet sale dates

To be on sale, products must have been in store for more than a month and be paid for. In addition, it is forbidden to put on sale products specially ordered or produced for this period. This is why all the new Ray-ban blue light glasses without correction, the new Versace 19V69 and others will not be on sale.

What reading glasses or blue light blocking glasses will be on sale?

Do you want brand blue light blocking glasses for men or blue light blocking glasses to protect your children's eyes ? Or reading sunglasses for your next island vacation? It's time to crack and take advantage of discounts ranging from 30 to 50% in addition to the prices already sold off on a selection of frames, every week a new offer that will be valid until the end of the sales on the 4th. February 2020. Cat-eye or round glasses? Ultra thin in titanium or colored in acetate? With sales on frames for men, women and kids, there's something for everyone. And all budgets!

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Good sales!