Blue light: DANGER for your sleep

blue light emitted by screens such as computers, TVs, phones and even tablets when backlit activates 100 times more non-visual photosensitive receptors in the retina . This leads to a disruption of the biological clock and causes difficult nights, a bad awakening and a day that tires your body by provoking: headache , back pain , neck pain , itchy eyes . These many disturbing and painful symptoms prevent your brain from concentrating as much as possible on the task(s) to be performed during the day.

Moderate use of screens after 9:00 p.m. would make it easier to sleep

According to a survey we find that more than 70% of the French population uses a technological device such as a smartphone or tablet before going to bed. This automation is more and more dangerous for sleep  However, how many people are aware of the impacts it has on sleep?
According to several doctors and scientific researchers, it is necessary to stop using screens after 9:00 p.m. because the light projected by the screens prevents the production of melatonin. This hormone, which is produced naturally when you're in the dark, helps regulate your sleep cycle . In addition, these prolonged uses prevent relaxation when going to bed and therefore cause greater difficulty in falling asleep. If in a room we find a bed it is because this room must be reserved exclusively for sleep and relaxation (music, reading, etc.) it is therefore strongly discouraged install a TV, computer or other digital instrument.

How to protect your eyes in front of the screens?

If you like to relax in the evening in front of the TV we have a solution to mitigate the risks of blue light: anti-blue light computer glasses intended for screens . Indeed, these resting glasses help protect your eyes when they are exposed to these sources of harmful light for a long time. However, to wear them you must be emmetropic , that is to say not have a vision problem or wear contact lenses. You will feel from the first use that your relieved eyes , thanks to a light yellow filter it will be more pleasant to watch TV or use the computer , these allow to find a real visual comfort while preventing some very painful and disturbing back and headaches.

Where can I find computer glasses?

Many models are available on , at low prices and without a prescription! Indeed, these anti-blue light glasses have a low universal correction and high-performance Cool blue anti-reflective lenses.