chloe glasses

Chloé, a pioneering brand !

Chloé is a French brand created by Gaby Aghion in 1952 to dress modern and active women.

Chloé combines the requirements of haute couture with those of ready-to-wear. It is the precursor of luxury ready-to-wear. Her clothes are supple, Mediterranean-inspired with natural, fluid and refined colours. Beautiful silk, lace or chiffon fabrics are used for original models.

Since then, the brand has developed leather goods, shoes, jewellery, perfumes and Chloé glasses.

Karl lagerfel CHLOE

Many designers have succeeded one another at Chloé to give a spirit of timeless feminine elegance but sometimes with a more current and masculine note with Karl Lagerfeld or Stella McCartney who redefined the modern woman. These designers made the brand shine around the world and today Chloé is iconic in the world of fashion.

Chloe, free and graceful

CHLOÉ aviator glasses

Chloé glasses play with shapes and volumes. You can find models with retro lines, aviator style, or completely oversized with large unique lenses.

They are flexible and very light. Their originality can turn a simple outfit into a very inspiring and stylish look.

In 3 words it's the free, elegant and carefree style. At a time when glasses are worn as the ultimate fashion accessory, Chloé glasses reflect your audacity.

Chloé glasses personalized with Varionet

stylish bezel

On the Varionet website you can find a wide choice of models equipped with Cool Blue glass, anti-blue light glasses facing digital screens. This allows you to reduce your visual fatigue while keeping the style! You can stay connected as much in your look as on your screens.

After the age of 40, you will be able to enjoy your Chloé glasses with Varionet digressive lenses for presbyopia corrections from +1.00 to +3.50.

We can also add sun lenses for the perfect sun reading glasses for lounging in the sun and reading with your Chloé glasses.

Finally, you can also order glasses adjusted to your sight, you just have to give us your prescription when ordering on , our qualified opticians will take care of the rest.

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