Protect your eyes from the sun

Unlike infrared rays whose effects are immediate: heat, burns, etc. Those of ultraviolet rays are expressed late. Eyelid, retina, cornea, lens may suffer from prolonged exposure. In order to protect your vision , which is part of your five senses, we advise you all to wear sunglasses adapted to your activity : running, fishing, hiking, tanning …

Standards EN1836

The sunglasses have been made to protect your vision against the dangerous action of UV rays . European standard EN1836 classify the glasses 5 categories which are distinguished by the percentage of light absorbed by the glass.

Here is a summarized table:

Table sunglasses

If you are looking for a pair of sunglasses for your holidays to protect your eyes from the sun on the beach, in the water or in the mountains, we advise you all to opt for category 3 lenses . On the site , you are offered sunglasses New York Yankees ultra trendy less than 40 euros equipped with UV3 protection , perfect for your vacation ! If you are looking for polarized lenses, it is available on the Foreign Legion's polarized glasses online optical store!

Take care of your sunglasses while on vacation

Sunglasses must be well maintained so as not to be damaged, scratched... For this, a microfiber is ideal, it will clean your sunglasses gently and without scratching them. If your sunglasses are stained then you can run them under cold water and wipe with a piece of clean cloth or your microfiber. Be careful if there are grains of sand on your glasses, remember to blow well before running them under water and wiping them.